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Street Fighter 6: Leaks, and All We Know

Street Fighter 6 Logo

Street Fighter is a 2D fighting game from way back in 1987. Developed by Capcom, Street Fighter has become one of the staples for 2D fighting games even in today’s era. Recently, Capcom announced their next installment in the massive franchise. Here’s everything we know about Street Fighter 6: leaks, release date, and everything else!

Street Fighter 6: Release Date

Street Fighter 6: Luke doing his pose
Luke’s Pose

Capcom revealed in their latest showcase that Street Fighter 6’s release date will be 2023. As to what quarter or what specific date, Capcom left that information out. Upon researching recent releases such as Street Fighter IV and V, we can assume it would be somewhere between February 2023 and July 2023. Given the history of other major gaming franchises by Capcom, it’s safe to conclude that this timeline is spot-on to their release dates.


Street Fighter 6: Jamie fighting against thugs.
The Newest Character Jamie

During the Sony’s State of Play last month, we got a glimpse of Street Fighter 6 in the Capcom Showcase on June 13th. It’s not some obscure trailer, but it’s a full-fledged gameplay trailer, to many fans’ surprise. We also got a look at the newest featured fighters Jamie and Kimberly, along with classic characters such as Ryu and Chun-Li.

Going back, at the end of the gameplay trailer, Capcom revealed the platforms that Street Fighter 6 will be on PS5/PS4, XBOX X/S, and PC. Unfortunately, they excluded the last generation XBOX One for some reason.

Gameplay and Mechanics

Before starting this section, I would like to thank VesperArcade for educating me on most of the gameplay and mechanics. You can see his full video here:

The gameplay involves Luke (a recurring character from the Street Fighter franchise) and Ryu, along with their revamped model design. The HUD is minimalistic yet colorful simultaneously, allowing players to distinguish each bar quickly.

Most gauges remain similar, with the super arts gauge still at the bottom of the screen, and we have a new mechanic in Street Fighter 6 called the “Drive System.”

Ryu performing a Punish Counter to Chun Li
Ryu Vs. Chun Li Gameplay

The Drive System

The Drive System is a gauge that acts like a stamina meter. You can expend this gauge to make “Drive-Related” moves, and once you run out of Drive, you’ll be in a burnout state, which is detrimental to your fights as opponents will have a massive advantage over you. If an opponent happens to wall-splat your burnout character, you will automatically enter the “Stunned state.”

There are five different drive moves that drain your drive gauge:

  1. Drive Impact– A powerful strike that can absorb an opponent’s incoming attack. You can also perform this move when your opponent is near a corner to induce a wall splat. This attack will ignore your opponent’s block. I find this similar to the “Red Focus Attack” in Street Fighter 4.
  2. Drive Parry – A move that will automatically repel your opponent’s attack and replenish your drive gauge if successfully done.
  3. Overdrive – When performing a special move, press two of the same button type simultaneously, i.e., heavy punch + medium punch. This mechanic is similar to the EX-Drive in previous games; however, it is now tied to the Drive Gauge rather than the Super Arts bar.
  4. Drive Rush – Perform a quick rush forward from a Drive Parry or a cancelable normal attack. Similar to how you can quickly cancel a focus attack in previous games.
  5. Driver Reversal – This move will allow you to get out of a high-pressure situation by performing a counterattack while blocking an opponent’s attack.

Street Fighter 6’s Game Modes

Street Fighter 6: World Tour
World Tour

There are three known game modes that Capcom openly announced, namely: Fighting Ground, Battle Hub, and World Tour. Here’s a brief description of each mode:

  • Fighting Ground – This mode is the classic arcade mode from previous iterations of the game where you square off against A.I.-controlled characters.
  • Battle Hub – This mode is a versus mode wherein you fight against players all around the globe on a competitive ladder.
  • World Tour – The newest addition is the World Tour. It is a single-player story mode that is open-world and lets you create your own legend in the world of Street Fighter!


Ryu performing a punish counter to Jaimie
Ryu Vs. Jaimie

With the hype surrounding game, it’s no wonder fans are craving for any bit of information regarding the game. Here are the latest leaks about the entire roster of characters for Street Fighter 6.

  1. Ryu
  2. Ken
  3. Zangief
  4. Dhalsim
  5. Honda
  6. Blanka
  7. Guile
  8. Chun Li
  9. Cammy
  10. Dee Jay
  11. Rashid
  12. Juri
  13. Ed
  14. Akuma
  15. Luke
  16. Marisa
  17. Jamie
  18. Mimi
  19. Lilly
  20. JP
  21. Kimberly
  22. A.K.I.

Are you hyped up for Street Fighter 6? What do you think of the new characters and the new designs? Please leave us your thoughts in the comments section!

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