Tandem Bank joins the Coalition for Energy Efficient Buildings of the Green Finance Institute

Today, leading UK digital challenger bank Tandem Bank announced that it had joined the Coalition for the Energy Efficiency of Buildings of the Green Finance Institute (CEEB).

The Green Finance Institute was established with the purpose of “making finance possible for a greener future,” which is consistent with Tandem’s mission to provide banking for a greener future. By expanding customer access to sustainable financial options, Tandem moves closer to its goal by joining its built environment partnership.

Tandem joins a group of about 365 individuals trying to create a market for financing net zero carbon and climate resilient structures in the UK. These individuals represent industries in finance, business, policy, and civil society.

Since its 2019 inception, CEEB has made a variety of helpful materials available in an effort to expand the market for financing energy efficiency. This include researching individual projects where financial innovation might close investment gaps and spur systemic change, as well as analysing the market for financing energy efficiency upgrades in UK households.

Susie Aliker, CEO of Tandem, commented on its affiliation with the CEEB as follows:

Tandem’s participation in CEEB will allow it to contribute its knowledge of consumer finance, lending, and savings to ongoing initiatives like the Green Mortgages Hub, assisting in the creation and introduction of more cutting-edge green home financing products to better assist consumers in the move to Net Zero.

“Tandem has a fantastic chance to work with industry leaders to create green and cutting-edge financial products that help close the retrofit investment gap. Collaboration is essential to achieving Net Zero goals since by 2050, more than 28 million houses will need to be retrofitted. To continue assisting common people on their path to Net Zero, we look forward to pooling our knowledge and cooperating.

“We cordially welcome Tandem to lend their knowledge and expertise to the activities of the Coalition and look forward to their significant contribution within the network,” said Emma Harvey, programme director at the Green Finance Institute. To develop and provide finance solutions for people and businesses, forward-thinking enterprises must collaborate and pool their expertise.

News Summary:

  • Tandem Bank joins the Coalition for Energy Efficient Buildings of the Green Finance Institute
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