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7+ Best TextSheet Alternatives in 2022 *New*


Textsheet was a top-tier educational website for many students that helped them excel in their studies, homework, college spojects, and assignments. In a short span of time, it became the prominent destination of students for online study. However, the site is not accessible due to a legal action against its owners. Luckily, students don’t need to be dismayed for they can still find solace in our list of best TextSheet alternatives that will help them do their homework with ease.

But, is currently down! TextSheet was providing solutions to academic problems via Chegg’s trademarked API, hence, inviting the ire of copyright lawsuits. Nevertheless, the new TextSheet alternatives on our list will provide solutions to all your textbook problems. These websites are a great substitute to the original Textsheet and provide a ton of study material encompassing various subject matter from: science, math, to history and art that you can’t find anywhere. Not even on Reddit! So without further ado, let’s get started.

7 Best New TextSheet Alternatives in 2022 

1) StudLib

textsheet alternatives

With a massive number of solved homework solutions, StudLib is a nifty site that is a great free resource to get answers for your assignments as well as share notes with other fellow students.

It has an extensive library of notes on a melange of subject matters ranging from Math, Social Science, Business Studies, Foreign Language to Science, Engineering & Technology, History and Arts & Humanities. 

What’s more, StudLib allows you to add papers and other documents to your account which will be tagged as personal collection. The sign-up process is pretty smooth and speedy hence you wouldn’t be disappointed with their services.

2) Sladder

textsheet alternatives

Millions of students worldwide use Slader to solve their problems and complex mathematical equations. Slader provides step-by-step solutions to your question and scours for answers from thousands of textbooks to give you the best possible answer. 

Some of the subject matter for which you can seek information include Economics, Algebra, Statistics, Calculus, Geometry, Trigonometry, Probability and Advanced mathematics. It offers extensive research papers on Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and Physiology.

Furthermore, Arts students can also find reliable information on US History, World History, US History, etc. All together, it is one of the best free Textsheet alternatives out there on the market as it lets you scan the textbook barcode and quickly search for any textbook.

3) CourseHero

textsheet alternatives

Founded at Cornell University in 2006 by Andrew Grauer, CourseHero is an education website that works solely on online learning for students. It currently boasts over 25+ million courses related to extensive study materials on numerous subject matter.

It is intrinsically based on sharing class notes, assignments, lectures, class notes, and exam papers that frequently get ignored by students in their current year. Which is why it is one of the best TextSheet alternatives for students to download their study material in a jiffy.

Moreover, CourseHero also offers a chance to earn money via a referral programme where you can rope in friends or upload quality study material on the platform. You can also avail 24×7 help to students in many time zones around the world.

4) SparkNotes

Textsheet alternatives

Started by Harvard student Sam Hagan in 1999, SparkNotes is one of most helpful study guides on almost any subject matter. It was later acquired in 2001 by Barnes & Noble who have further helped enrich its database where you can find sample tests, translations of Shakespeare, essay help, and mock tests with solutions.

One of the redeeming aspects of this online learning platform is that it displays no Ads and students get to have unhindered access to study material. What’s more, they can even customize text size on the screen and try the new Dark mode for better visibility and UX.

SparkNotes also has two app variants available on both Google Play Stores and Apple App store. Additionally, you can test your retention or grasping power by taking quick quizzes on this extensive learning platform.

5) Chegg

textsheet alternative

Perhaps only a few sites are as widely known or incredibly wholesome as Chegg which provides real-time fast help on a wide range of subjects such as math, physics, business studies, chemistry, to name a few.

Synonymous with the term online tutoring service, Chegg seamlessly connects you with subject experts that will answer your questions on tough homework/assignments from over 80 subjects

However, Chegg’s study membership starts from $14.95 per month with automatic subscription renewal. You may also use the free trial version before sign-up for up to 30 minutes. Unfortunately, you cannot get rid of the hassle of premium subscription if you want to use Chegg.

6) CrazyForStudy

textsheet alternative

Specially designed for offering academic help, CrazyForStudy is an online study platform that provides student access to over 50 million books, as well as step-by-step textbook solutions to their questions. 

Apart from course-oriented solution manuals, CrazyForStudy also provides online tutorials on a variety of topics that run the gamut from engineering, computer science, accounting, to science/math, finance, and more.

Currently, this website is only accessible in Australia where eligible students can find the latest books and courses prescribed by their respective college or institution.

7) PaperHelp

textsheet alternatives

Rounding off our list is Paper Help, a professional assignment and paper writing service that comes in handy in times of need. Students can simply submit their assignment or paper requirements and PaperHelp will provide a price quote depending upon length (no. of words or pages), mode of difficulty and speed of delivery.

You can also avail mobile apps for both IOS and Android and seamlessly submit your assignment/project requirements, track completion progress in real-time and chat with support if you need help.

In conclusion, Paperhelp is a great alternative to TextShare if you are kinda lazy or too busy to finish your assignments on time.

And…that’s a wrap! Did you like our list of best working TextShare alternatives? Sound off in the comments. 

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