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The Latest Tech Trends at Online Casinos in 2022

The Latest Tech Trends at Online Casinos in 2022

Year after year, online casinos evolve. This is partly due to their sheer popularity, partly down to the fact so many new casinos are being released and new innovations are having to be thought up, and lastly down to technology advancing at a rapid pace.

The last year has seen some developing trends in online casinos though – especially in progressive countries and at some of the latest casino sites in Canada. Both new casinos and older ones are using the latest technology available to help drive more customers, keep players safe and also improve the overall experience of the casinos.

Here are some of the most important tech trends to know about for playing on these sites in 2022 and beyond:

Software developers partnering with brands

Software developers partnering with brands

Software developers are the people who create the games that you can play on online casinos. There are developers who have been around for decades and are pretty much a household name in the industry such as NetEnt, Microgaming and Bally. There are also newer developers who come up with intriguing new tech and software such as Yggdrasil and RTG.

Whilst in the past these software developers would simply supply online casinos with games, there has been a sharp rise in online casinos actually partnering with certain software developers, leading to some rather unexpected outcomes that are very beneficial for players!

These partnerships often have the developers bringing their entire catalogue of games to the casino, which can be thousands of different slots. They can also bring proprietary software to the casino that allows you to play exclusive games or even adds exclusive bonuses to games.

The integration of blockchain technology

Blockchain tech has been a revolution, managing to be implemented in almost every industry you can think of – from financial to medical and everything in between. Online casinos are no exception.

Whilst many people would associate the Blockchain and its relevant technology with cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, the bustling new tech fits nicely in the gambling industry in a few different ways. 

The main application has been the use of the Blockchains smart contract technology to help online casinos with their transactions. This has been a godsend for international transactions as it’s gotten rid of many of the snags that can appear when dealing with moving money between different countries. 

The rise of ‘real-time gaming’

Another fast-moving trend we’ve seen more and more of is real-time gaming. This newer feature on online casinos will allow players to start playing games before the result of any previous games has been fully determined. This development allows players to enjoy playing at their own pace – whether that’s faster or at a more relaxed tempo.

 Players who don’t want to wait around for cards to be dealt or only have limited time to play benefit greatly from this technological advancement, as games can be played far faster than they usually would.

This real-time gaming feature is only found in the simpler styles of casino games at the minute – such as video poker and online slots. More competitive table games haven’t had this feature added yet, due to fear it would make the game unbalanced. But who knows where this exciting new trend will end up?

VR and AR tech

VR and AR tech

Many casino players view virtual reality and augmented reality tech as a kind of fad for the industry, but it is a very interesting development. VR casinos could see players being able to travel through a fully decked-out virtual casino from the comfort of their own home, leading to the most immersive experience possible.

AR and VR casino games are few and far between at the minute. The tech itself has only just really been introduced to the industry. But the few games that are available are popping up more and more.

Safe and responsible gambling measures

Last but nowhere near least, many online casinos are using tech to implement all new measures to stop problem gambling in its tracks and keep players safe. 

One of the newer ways casinos are helping tackle this problem is by using AI to spot problem gamblers. This AI can then direct players to handy and informative sources for any help they may need – including real-life counsellors. 

This amazing development is available through partnerships that gaming brands have with counselling and addiction services.

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