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The Ohio State University will host the George Washington Carver Science Park Earth Laboratory, according to Voyager Space

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Astronautics (Voyager), announced today that it has selected a proposal from Ohio State University, Ohio State, JobsOhio and One Columbus (“Team Ohio”) to determine a similar position to Earth. from the George Washington Carver Science Park (GWCSP) at Ohio State in Columbus, Ohio.

GWCSP, founded by Voyager and its operating company Nanoracks, is expected to be a central part of Starlab, the company’s proposed commercial space station. In December 2021, Voyager and Nanoracks won a $160 million award from NASA to design Starlab as part of NASA’s efforts. GWCSP is the world’s first science park in space, operating today aboard the International Space Station (“ISS”). GWCSP is built on a successful land-based business model where scientists and industry experts share their discoveries, collaborate and use new technologies to advance science and efforts. business force. Together, Team Ohio and Voyager have agreed to a two-phase program to complete the development of the GWCSP ground laboratory. The project is still pending review and approval of incentives from JobsOhio and the Ohio Department of Development. The effort will begin this year with a campus at the Ohio State College of Food, Agricultural and Environmental Sciences. Next year, the institutions plan to open a stand-alone facility on the Ohio State Air and Space Transport campus, home to the Ohio State University (KOSU) airport, a hub for aerospace research. The State of Ohio, the Knowlton Executive Terminal and Education Center, and a wide range of corporate, government, and private aviation and aerospace businesses.

“Ohio is the birthplace of aviation and has a deep history of defense and aerospace innovation,” said Dylan Taylor, president and chief executive officer of Voyager Space. “It is clear that Ohio offers the most favorable location for an onshore facility to support the success and long-term use of the George Washington Carver Science Park. inspires organizations to pursue aerospace research and development, and we are delighted to partner with Team Ohio on this exciting project. ”

“The George Washington Carver Science Park is a great example of the synergy that Ohio brings to commercial space projects,” said Ohio Governor Mike DeWine. “This historic partnership at the intersection of aerospace and agriculture is extraordinary. Together, we will drive transformative aerospace technologies as Ohio continues to lead this nation into the 21st century aerospace era.”

Colleges and universities in Ohio train more than 13,000 engineers and technical technicians each year. The state is home to more than 110,000 public and private aviation and aviation professionals, as well as the Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Battelle, NASA Glenn Research Center, NASA’s Armstrong Test Facility, and Ohio’s Center for Unmanned Aircraft Systems, which are at the forefront of advanced technologies that enable drones to fly safely beyond visual line of sight.

Dr. John Horack, the inaugural occupant of the Neil Armstrong Chair in Aerospace Policy in the College of Engineering and John Glenn College of Public Affairs at The Ohio State University, stated that by working with Team Ohio, Voyager Space is “launching one of the most creative public-private partnerships in one of the most sought-after space destinations on this planet.” We are certain that this initial joint investment will grow into a larger commercial space research hub and become the main North American location for the George Washington Carver Science Park.

Lt. Governor Jon Husted, Director of InnovateOhio, said in his meetings with the Voyager and Nanoracks teams, “I told them that Ohio was 100 percent dedicated to being a top pioneer in aviation and aerospace. The people of Ohio will play a vital role in the future thanks to this relationship between Nanoracks, Voyager, and Ohio State. This partnership represents a crucial step toward guiding this country into on-orbit, human commercial space activities.

A wide range of stakeholders, especially the Ohio agriculture community, will benefit from the research carried out at the GWCSP terrestrial lab in terms of social, economic, educational, and quality-of-life effects. Research to protect Ohio’s water quality, higher crop output, and improved plant and animal genetics for Ohio’s agricultural industry are a few of these advantages. According to Kristina M. Johnson, president of The Ohio State University, “We have only just begun to scratch the surface of the possibilities and opportunities that await us in the “final frontier,” and our ability to maximize future exploration depends on collaboration between scientists and industry experts.” “Localizing the George Washington Carver Science Park Ground Laboratory on the Ohio State campus would be the best way possible to facilitate this joint effort and ensure that we share resources, research and knowledge across many disciplines.”

The GWCSP Ground Lab is expected to include high-rise laboratory space, suitable for scientific research experiments including the full range of Starlab operations, procedural development, testing, prototyping and other essential activities on the way to spaceship research. The George Washington Carver Science Park honors the legacy of the famous American inventor and agronomist, who developed hundreds of food products and practical, sustainable farming methods. The George Washington Carver Science Park is the first space-specific member of the International Association of Science Parks (IASP), a catalyst for global engagement in the space research ecosystem. In addition, the Ohio-based Zin Technologies (ZIN) and the University Space Research Association (USRA), a Washington D.C.-based company. with a longstanding presence in Ohio, was part of the founding leadership of GWCSP. ZIN advises on the overall design of the lab in the GWCSP space and will develop key hardware if needed. The USRA will direct and manage the science park, prioritize and plan research, and oversee the operation of the science laboratory.

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  • The Ohio State University will host the George Washington Carver Science Park Earth Laboratory, according to Voyager Space
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