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The Sao Paulo Sprint race is won by George Russell, while Max Verstappen suffers after his accident with Carlos Sainz

The Sao Paulo Sprint race is won by George Russell, while Max Verstappen suffers after his accident with Carlos Sainz

George Russell won in a thrilling sprint to lead a locked Mercedes to the top for the Sao Paulo Grand Prix on Sunday, as world champion Max Verstappen struggled to take second place. after a collision with Carlos Sainz.

Verstappen took the lead from shock keeper Kevin Magnussen in the early stages as Haas quickly backed down, but Russell, the third starter for Mercedes, had too much speed for Red Bull and was forced to rush in.

Verstappen, one of only two cars not to start the race on soft tyres, then suffered damage when he was overtaken by Carlos Sainz in second, helping Lewis Hamilton overtake the Dutchman a lap later to took third place.

With Sainz facing a five-place grid penalty for using a new engine this weekend, Mercedes locked the front row for Sunday’s race, giving the team a huge chance for a top win. first of the season.

Lando Norris, who started in fourth, overcame a grueling illness to finish seventh, while runner Magnussen took the final point in eighth.

Hamilton had to wait for his top spot to be confirmed, with the seven-time world champion belatedly clearing any wrongdoing following an investigation into an early grid breach, involving the position. his mind in his grid. Sergio Perez goes home behind his team Red Bull Verstappen in fifth, with his opponent for second place in the Charles Leclerc Drivers’ Championship one place further in sixth.

Russell picked up eight points for winning the 24-round race, with the top eight rewards dropping by one point for each position.

When Formula 1 introduced sprint racing last season, Saturday’s awe-inspiring spectacle in Brazil was exactly what the sport’s governing body had in mind.

All played out for each of its 24 laps, the great competition reiterates the importance of giving Sprint races to organize laps where a pass is possible. The run was helped by a wet qualifier on Friday, which saw Magnussen deliver a shock to Haas and Hamilton, Perez and Leclerc from midfield. There was reason for curiosity before the race started as it was revealed that Williams’ Verstappen and Nicholas Latifi were the only drivers who did not start on soft tyres.

Red Bull will explain after Sprint that the decision was made to save two new sets of soft tires for Sunday, but the call has certainly backfired in the short term. Verstappen came under immediate pressure from Russell from the start, and although he was able to hold onto the Mercedes before overtaking Magnussen, the Dutchman couldn’t get out of the reach of DRS.

Russell continued to pressurize and narrowly overtook Verstappen twice before finally getting the shot on the third. As the Mercedes sped away comfortably, Verstappen fell into the clutches of Sainz, who was being chased by Hamilton, unsure if the world champion would lose any more speed from running over debris on the track.

Verstappen, who earlier in the week described Sprint as ‘unhappy’ due to a lack of action and risk taking, tried bravely to hold on to Sainz but was overtaken by the Spaniard in the first corner, before when the couple is in contact when they go out. With his front wing appearing damaged, Verstappen saw his 2021 rival Hamilton overtake him in the next round, and could have lost another spot without the mirror. The friendly face of his Red Bull teammate Perez behind him.

While the action ahead is intense, there’s a lot more going on behind the scenes, including a pair of teamfights. It was Alpine duo Esteban Ocon and Fernando Alonso, who started sixth and seventh respectively, going head-to-head in the first round. Ocon forced Alonso to go when the Spaniard tried to overtake him in Round 4, with the Spaniard barely able to maintain control of his car as he crossed the curb.

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  • The Sao Paulo Sprint race is won by George Russell, while Max Verstappen suffers after his accident with Carlos Sainz
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