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The York City Health Bureau is awarded a grant worth $1.5 million

At the most recent city council meeting, the York City Health Bureau was awarded grants totaling more than $1 million.

Despite being a gift, the bureau must still ask the city council to authorise the funds and add them to their budget before they can use them, according to Kruger.

At its meeting on September 20, the council authorised grants from the Pennsylvania Department of Health and the Centers for Disease Control totaling $1,527,143. According to department director Monica Kruger, the bureau is nearly completely supported by grants.

The Epidemiology and Laboratory Capacity Grant from the CDC provided $1,480,858, or the majority of the funds. The bill said that this fund aims to “improve laboratory testing and enhance surveillance and reporting of electronic health data while enhancing laboratory testing and other workforce capability.”

The bureau’s Safe and Healthy Communities programme received a $46, 285 grant from the state Department of Health. According to the website, this initiative is supported by the government and has four objectives: to improve transportation safety, promote better health, reduce injuries, and stop child sexual abuse.

Increasing laboratory capacity and surveillance is just one of many possible uses for that particular funding, according to Kruger, under the general heading of epidemiology.

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  • The York City Health Bureau is awarded a grant worth $1.5 million
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