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Best Thingiverse Alternatives in 2022


Before talking about Thingiverse alternative if you probably didn’t know, Thingiverse is indeed a website that offers a wide range of resource sharing and configured 3D printing layouts by the manufacturer community. Thingiverse was officially founded in 2008 as just a partner to MakerBot and has stayed one of the top interaction systems for 3D printing enthusiasts. To access cheap pintables, correct manner printing information, and draw insight from a wide range of examples, people relied on their clean and tidy design. 

Sadly, perhaps as an outcome of their success, the Thingiverse pages frequently suffer from severe waiting times. That could altogether remove from the customer experience when you anticipate three or four designs (or even more!) linked to a high subject to efficiently and rapidly checked out. Besides that, while searching for a specific item, you might well never be satisfied with what is on contract.

Fortunately, there are many very worthy challengers competing in Thingiverse in terms of variety, quality, and quality. Look no farther than our reviews of the top alternative solutions to Thingiverse through 2020 if you are looking for a website that maintains its own!

10 Alternatives 

1. PrusaPrinters


PrusaPrinters is smaller than some of the other databases, but it’s actively managed and quickly growing. Since the database is relatively new, the amount of duds and obsolete models there seems to be relatively low. Search engine and user interface are solid and the connectivity is reliable.

The 3D model database is a part of a whole community ecosystem, featuring designer contests and blog articles with tutorials and printing tips. New features are being added frequently, most recently, an embedded 3D viewer, allowing you to inspect each and every STL file available there. As of now, all models can be downloaded for free, but according to the developers, the option of selling your designs through PrusaPrinters is somewhere in the pipeline.

2. CGTrader 

thingiverse alternative

To become an online commerce system, CGTrader formed in 2011. It was possible to buy and sell 3D designs while constructively valuing the content of 3D designers. The opportunity for consumers and online sellers to modify their 2D design ideas into a 3D range for virtual reality or other display purposes is among the providers this service gives.

CGTrader does have a fantastic range, both paid and unlimited, of high-quality designs from which to choose. In reality, there’s no just under 950,000 to pick from since there’s plenty to go around. The “Trader Loyalty Discount” is indeed a pretty slick feature, which could put toward more purchases labeled with a piggy bank symbol.

3. Cults

thingiverse alternative

Cults is a rather fantastic website because it is also the first autonomous marketplace framework for 3D files, established in 2014. As well as the 85,000 designs accessed, this blog has 800,000 employees around the world. Provided the small staff team of three people, that’s quite remarkable. We discovered several notable characteristics apart from these statistics that assist Cults attractive to customers. There are various promotions across the board, first and probably most important, including polymer sales and discounts, apparel (such as blue tape), and 3d printing.

4. Pinshape


The stated mission of Pinshape is to create 3D printing straightforward and fun, something that they’ve stayed true to. The business defines itself with an online platform in which, in such a Venn-diagram-like manner, users and creatives alike can be formed. Makers are allowed to pick from various themes, and in an interactive and evolving organization, designers of different levels can enhance their skills. There is a helpful rating characteristic to sort initiatives by prominence next to the various styles from which to choose.

5. YouMagine


YouMagine is indeed a platform that easily facilitates the concept of generating CAD and 3D documents. In particular, it relates to remixing existing processes, But with a significant effort getting made to safeguard unique artwork. Their takedown system guarantees that it will investigate any violation on printed prints.

There are around 17,000 prototypes on YouMagine from which to choose. Although that is not approximately on Thingiverse, the performance and range are more robust overall, so it’s a decent choice on this site. Users can filter by bracket and the most famous, featured, gaining popularity, or current categories.

6. 3D Export3d export

Throughout this sector, 3DExport has been a good competitor. Established in 2004, with such remarkable 200,000 design elements and 500,000 representatives on the system, they are global leaders in one game.

Educational initiatives and instruments are of excellent quality and address topics such as astrophysics, physics, auto parts, engineering, mathematics, and biology in detail. Retrieve to choose compensated or free models from just a drop-down table. As an additional perk, through a pre-recorded configuration, different tutorials will direct you step-by-step. That enables users to recreate processes precisely, further improving their opportunities of mastering a specific project with the choice of pausing and rewinding at will.

7. 3Dagogo

thingiverse alternative

3Dagogo gives prints from different categories, from much more practical applications to aesthetic and functional models, both charged and affordable, so try to explore both sides of the scale of 3D printing.

Certain safeguards benefit developers and customers alike. Infringement liberties have secured existence. In contrast, the latter can apply a reimbursement if they buy a print that is not consistent with their printer makeup within 14 working days of purchase. Similarly, there is a public help center available to answer any queries.

8. GrabCAD


That would have been the perfect match for you if you already understood 3D design and development and modeling. GrabCAD does have an incredibly active community of graphic artists who regularly share expertise and techniques.

The framework, aptly named, allows users to download available CAD designs, including stl and obj documents. They do have a different 3D printing repository.

9. Treatstock


Treatstock is a multidimensional website that offers 3D printing as well as CNC machining instruments. You can publish your document and have it professionally manufactured if users do not own a 3d printing machine or mill, and you want to get a model posted. The opportunity to acquire services on your own is another exciting aspect of Treatstock. Via Treatstock, you could become a producer and offer assistance. If you’re a 3d printing machine and would like to satisfy other individuals’ 3D printing queries, you could set up a shop and begin offering services.

10. 3DVIA


You’re into interior decorating, are you? 3DVIA enables you to make and share 3D residential models, mostly with the universe. You could also look at layouts and gain suggestions on how to fix your company’s appearance. Verify out the warehouse of the homepage, which lets you configure or share design elements.


1. How robust is the PLA Plastic?

Although PLA is a biodegradable substance, this is still exceptionally sturdy and durable. PLA has been more challenging than other components, along with ABS, that you’ll discover in the 3d – printed market. Even though ABS does have a lesser tensile strength, more and more crumbly of the 2 is generally ABS.

2. With quite a 3d printing machine, what is the most exciting stuff to print?

With such a 3d printing machine, there are all kinds of exciting artifacts you could print. You will get a great suggestion of how many prototypes there are several out there from the places listed here. A carabiner, keyholder, and baskets are some enjoyable items and much and many others.

3. What sort of documents are 3D files for printing?

STL, as well as Standard Triangle Language, is the sector file format for publishing 3D documents. Almost all advanced software for Computer-Aided Design (CAD) makes it easy to create and transfer an Stl format. This data file then converts into a digital code through scraping, which builds your 3D framework ready to publish.


After looking at the best Thingiverse alternative, it’s reasonable to assume that there’s still a system that will operate, and you have more than probable, no matter what you’re doing with your 3d – printed design requirements. There is no shortage of things available if you’re a newbie or an expert.

I adore Pinshape if it encourages enjoyment for no other purpose than the location, which is something I think 3D printing must be. Sure, there are important reasons for using 3D printing with significant printing requirements, yet it’s sometimes pleasant to just lay back and get a little fun.

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