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This company sends the ashes of their loved ones to space

This company sends the ashes of their loved ones to space

For generations, people have buried the remains of their loved ones in cemeteries, Colombia, and even sea burial grounds. Family and friends may scatter the ashes in their favorite spot, hike to a vantage point, or bring the remains back to Earth with special memories.

There is now technology that adds additional options as to what to do with the cremated remains of a loved one after their death. Since 1994, Celestis Memorial Spaceflights has made the dream of spaceflight a reality by bringing iconic parts of cremated remains to close range, Earth orbit, the surface of the Moon and beyond. You or your loved ones venture into space driving alongside commercial or scientific satellites as part of a real space mission.

Space enthusiasts, adventurers, and anyone who loves space could be the ideal passenger to send their ashes into space. This is especially true for all people who may have had a lifelong dream of going to space but were never able to fulfill that wish in their lifetime.

Some of those who release the remains into space include Dr. Kevin, an internationally renowned theoretical astrophysicist. Robert L. Carovilano has inspired generations of scientists through his original research and scientific research. But you don’t have to be a magnetosphere and astrophysics major to be eligible to send your ashes into space.

Sally Berger would have been great for any space travel group…that was her dream. She was quiet, humble, with a lovely smile, a lovely demeanor, and a confident body. Her calm, confident and friendly personality, intelligence, and her amazing ability to understand and communicate complex technical concepts have amazed many of her colleagues. Flying their ashes into space meant their space travel dream came true.

Dan O’Malley was a space age kid who loved rockets. He modeled his rocket from a kit he bought with his own money when he was a kid. He loved science fiction. Dan has enjoyed shows such as Close He Encounters, Star Wars, Star Trek, Battlestar His Galactica, and even Space He Shuttle Launch. For people like Dan, a space burial was the perfect way to commemorate his deep love of space and fascination with possibilities beyond Earth orbit.

Some people who chose to send their ashes into space suffered from mobility impairments during their lifetime, or were disabled before they died due to injury or illness. By traveling to the galaxy aboard a rocket, they were freed from the physical restrictions placed on them while on Earth, allowing them to explore the universe forever.

Sending cremated remains into space is a popular option for those interested in space burials. But it’s no longer just his sci-fi writer’s imagination. Celestis has been serving her family for over 30 years and successfully fulfilling her lifelong dream by sending cremated remains into space.

Passengers from all over the world have attended Celestis Memorial Spaceflights for years, creating an unforgettable international experience that benefits our global community. It is an environmentally friendly and ecological choice that does not harm the earth. Easy to arrange and surprisingly affordable, especially when compared to traditional burials, which involve embalming, coffins, flowerbeds, and expensive undertakings. Complies with international law.

When considering space burial for a loved one, shipping cremated remains into space is the number one option for families around the world. When it comes time to make an important decision about your final destination, consider a resting place among the stars by sending your ashes into space.

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  • This company sends the ashes of their loved ones to space
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