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Girls Connect tier list and reroll guide

Welcome, Commander, to this fresh, anime idle JRPG, Girls Connect. As you embark on your new adventure exploring the epic land of Eileen, you come across hundreds of gorgeous waifus. Now it’s up to you to collect these lovely ladies and build the strongest girl legion the land has ever seen.

Of course, not all waifu are made equal, even if they are super cute. Lucky for you, our Girls Connect tier list ranks all the best gals to pick, so you know exactly who to train, build, and deepen your bond with. We’ve even included a Girls Connect reroll guide, in case you don’t pull who you want the first time around. We’ll be sure to update this tier list as the meta shifts or new characters join the battle, so be sure to check back from time to time to keep your lineup in tip-top shape.

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Girls Connect tier list

Keep in mind that all tier lists are intended to be used as a guideline. Therefore, while the girls featured in S rank are statistically stronger, any can shine in the right situations.

Tier Girls Connect character
S Aurora, Bingtang Fros, Gulfing, Labis, Misty, Mira, Niord, Rin, Sigurdley, Tsubasa, Utega
A Arabel, Cadley, Cottonwood, Daisy, Dante, Donle, Epsilon, Hela, Leviathan, Nia, Puro, Setsu, Sherra, Specter, Yuna
B Alice, Bahamud, Bonaire, Bradley, Kuzunoha DW, Mirenne, Nicolas, Petrolia, Silassia
C Chloe, Ensire, Gagak Hitam, Kuzunoha Lorele, Michelle, Muda, Penguasa Salju, Rangetsu, Rudy, Tenjin, Vel
D Averna, Elvie, Granine, Ketty, Liffa, Pan, Sasha, Shikiona, Sylas

Girls Connect tier list - a character holding a green flames, with large white wings behind her and a fantasy animal in front of her

How do I perform a Girls Connect reroll?

If you don’t pull the gals you want the first time around, you can perform a Girls Connect reroll by following these simple steps.

  • Download Girls Connect
  • Sign in through a guest account
  • Complete the tutorial and prologue
  • Use your summons on the next page

If you get the pulls you want, continue to play. If not, log out and delete the game’s data through your phone’s settings, then repeat the steps above.

That’s all we’ve got on our Girls Connect tier list and reroll guide. If you’re looking for something a bit different, check out our Coin Master free spins or Free Fire redeem codes.

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