Eternal Evolution tier list – the best heroes

If you’re a fan of idle or strategy games, and haven’t spend any time with Eternal Evolution, you’re missing out. Combining wild Apex Legends style heroes with idle strategy mechanics, this title is all about unleashing your inner powers, and evolving you recruited warriors to become the strongest on the planet, and maybe even the universe. 

“What recruited warriors?” I hear you ask. Well, all the ones we’re about to cover in our Eternal Evolution tier list, ranking the best of the best without any evolution effects taken into account. As there’s a few different types of hero, from DPS attacker, to support, to defenders, we’ve got a general tier list, as well as individual tables for each class. 

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Eternal Evolution tier list

As you can see, there are a fair few heroes in the higher ranks in our Eternal Evolution tier list, and it’s worth trying out any of them to figure out your own playstyle. With new characters still set to arrive, and the meta continuing to work itself out, we’ll be back to update these rankings regularly. 

Rank Hero
S Crete, Luke, Rez, Bailey Hudson, Poluna, 
A Nadilus, Omar,Aniruddha, Oak, Bohr, Serena, Taylor, Zander, Hercules, Hyupnos, Khalazza, Liran, Rakkana 
B Oisa, Randall, Sorietta, Kuite, Langel, Muka, Murphyro, 
C Orn, Bot Mark II, Kar Maw, 

Eternal Evolution DPS tier list

Rank Hero
S Bailey Hudson, Luke, Nadilus, Poluna, 
A Khalazza, Omar, Rakkana, Taylor, Zander
B Muka, Murphyo, Orn, Randall, Sorietta
C Bot Mark II, Kar Maw

Eternal Evolution support tier list

Rank Hero
S Rez
A Hyupnos, Liran, Serena

Eternal Evolution defender tier list

Rank Hero
S Crete, 
A Bohr, Hercules, Oak
B Kuite, Langel, Oisa 

There you have it, our up-to-date Eternal Evolution tier list. For more fun games that don’t require too much effort, be sure to take a browse through our best idle games list to find your next guilty pleasure.

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