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TikTok and Its Social Impact

The modern age has introduced its modes of keeping connected. The 21st Century is known as the Digital Age for a reason it is the era of the introduction of Social Media in general and TikTok in particular. While now it’s easy to follow the stairs to an influencer’s heaven, creating a TikTok video sometimes necessitates extensive editing, from rapid cuts to applying music or sound effects. To get millions of followers and brand partnerships, potential TikTokers must have a basic comprehension of these features, as well as a solid and simple video editor like VistaCreate that will be useful for their TikTok videos.  

Pros of TikTok on Society

Employment Opportunity

Apart from entertainment, one of the common reasons why people join Tiktok is because they can get paid by brands to promote their products. After achieving a certain amount of followers, influencers become approachable to brands and startups in the relevant field. 

Business Promotions

With the constant increment in the amount of time spent on social media, it is only wise to promote your business on Tiktok. Tiktok holds a billion active users worldwide promising high exposure to your brand. Videos on Tiktok play automatically which means that your video is most likely to get viewed. 

It is also a suitable platform to promote creatively considering that it offers a lot of features. And finally, the icing on the top is that forming Business Accounts on Tiktok is completely free!

Eradicates Loneliness

Tiktok brings together people from around the world offering different cultures and ethnicities a chance to interact and learn from one another. It offers its viewers mindless entertainment, comedic relief, and generic relatability which helps many overcome depression, and isolation.

Viral Trends

Tiktok offers a bundle of trends, in which every user is allowed to participate, attracting a different audience. This helps individuals stay engaged in fairly healthy pursuits. Trends include the following;

  • New Food Recipes
  • New Workouts and Diets
  • Challenges

Amplify Voices

Social Media platforms have proven to give a voice to each individual. However, it has done a great deal for the marginalized communities of our society. It has brought people facing similar problems together. For example, it has increased awareness of the transgender community and the mistreatment of people of color.

Cons of TikTok


Tiktok is a great app, but its greatness entails a high rate of addiction to the platform. Teenagers and Young Adults, ranging from ages 10-25 seem to have developed a severe obsession with the platform. 

Content Creators go to extreme lengths to achieve a higher number of likes and followers in an attempt to beat their peers as well as extract false validation. They take severe measures to create content and often risk their lives in the process. This frequently results in terrible outcomes, such as while making a TikTok video, an 18-year-old kid from Udaypur fell from a cliff and died.


There are over billions of people on social media today, but in reality, they are all just nameless, and faceless ‘users’. And often these people use their partial anonymity for a negative cause. They use their accounts to post hate comments, as much as threats to harass and make the creator uncomfortable. Content creators also at times post distasteful content involving violence, hate towards a specific ethnicity, and insensitivity.

Harms Self-Esteem

Social Media is constantly a mode for the young generation to seek validation, often giving it more power over oneself than intended. Post introduction to Social Media, Lifestyle Influencing was introduced. Here, new-age influencers promote an unrealistic image of themselves, as well as their lives, leading them to draw comparisons. Unhealthy Diets and the chase for the zero-figure physique were introduced, leaving many individuals with a lack of contentment. 

Can Be Dangerous

Tiktok videos can be externally downloaded to smart devices. Predators can take advantage of this opportunity to create shameful content leading the creator to experience mental distress. People have joined a race, in which they compete for posting the spiciest content earliest. Hence, if someone undergoes unfortunate circumstances, the first instinct is to shoot and post promoting insensitivity amongst the masses.


In conclusion, every facility holds both negative and positive elements. It is a choice for every one of us, regarding what we choose to promote. We can take up content creation, spread knowledge, and smiles through humor, or influence people to better their lives. Alternatively, we can choose to spread negativity and hate amongst the masses by promoting violence and insensitivity. Lastly, moderation is the key! 

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