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Top 5 Cartoon Series To Watch If You Like Rick & Morty

Rick & Morty

Rick and Morty is one series that is like no other in the entire world. The unique combination of sci-fi, nihilism, humor, world-building and character introspection makes the show one of the most entertaining shows ever made. We can, in fact, spend days talking about what makes this show so fascinating.

That being said, there are other shows which have the same entertainment level in terms of value. Featuring vibrant characters, weird adventures, and crass humor you have grown to love over the years, especially for the characters Rick and Morty. Now, all this doesn’t make the series absolutely unique – we can think about more shows out there that you can check out. 

Keep reading to find out about five shows which are exactly like Rick and Morty!

Top 5 Cartoon Series To Watch If You Like Rick & Morty

Before we move on to different shows like Rick & Morty, in case you still haven’t watched the same, you can visit the proxy and download the entire show for free! Now, it’s time to address all those shows that can prove to be as entertaining as Rick & Morty!

Invader Zim

Invader Zim

Have you heard of Invader Zim? Well, this show is a sort of for all those dark comedy fans. First premiering in 2001 on Nickelodeon, Invader Zim actually follows aliens from planet Irk. The alien’s entire purpose is to harm Earth, but instead, he ends up enrolling in this elementary school. The central plotline focuses on the character of Zim and Dib, a classmate who eventually finds out about Zim’s reality. 

Dib then vows to expose Zim’s mission in front of the world. What makes Zim so fascinating is the character’s blend of dark themes with twisted humor. Much like our beloved Rick and Morty, Zim doesn’t fear tackling any strange concepts or storylines. In fact, there are episodes that show Zim is actually harvesting strange things like human organs or randomly saving Earth in the face of an alien invasion. 

Solar Opposites

Solar Opposites

Rick and Morty’s co-creator is Justin Roiland, and he has come up with a new animated series that feels a lot like Rick and Morty but only the younger version. Solar Opposites has a plotline that follows aliens seeking refuge on this planet. The whole dynamic between the aline family comprising Terry, Korvo, Jesse, and Yumyulack is fun and entertaining! 

While Korvo hates this time on Earth and even vows to ruin it once they figure out an escape route, Terry, on the other hand, has fallen in love with Earth and ends up embracing this new life. There’s also a side plot that features Yumyulack’s obsession, and then there’s that Roiland influence which can be experienced throughout the show. 

Bojack Horseman

bojack horseman

Bojack Horseman is one of the Netflix originals that follows a very washed-up 90s actor called Bojack Horseman. Bojack is an anthropomorphic horse, in case his name did not give it away. Bojack Horseman is a comedy that dives headfirst into any character’s nihilistic self-loathing nature. 

The series uses comedy as a way to ease the viewer into the heavy subject matter. It’s very similar to the way Rick and Morty handle Rick’s nihilism. 

Harley Quinn

Harley Quinn

Harley Quinn is one animated series that actually follows the Harley Quinn from DC comics, where the hot villain tries to become famous in Gotham City Underworld right after breaking up with Joker. Quinn introduces a nice, fresh spin to the entire DC Universe with a hilarious take on the whole Batman mythos. 

We even got to see characters such as Clayface, Kite Man, and  King Shark under the spotlight, making the show so much more unique. Moreover, the humor of the show s fantastic, but the show has darker themes. Harley’s whole relationship with Joker or even Poison Ivy and the entire cast happens to be engaging so that you can feel the attachment to such characters. 

And It’s A Wrap!

So here we are! That was it – 5 shows that are as entertaining as Ricky and Morty! If you don’t find these shows anywhere, you can always go to the site mentioned above and download the same for free. The thing about watching television is it never really gets old – nothing ever can beat binge-watching!

Meanwhile, if you have other shows in your mind, don’t forget to tell us about them in the comments below!

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