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Top 7 Trustworthy Sites to Read about Chelsea F.C. News

Top 7 Trustworthy Sites to Read about Chelsea F.C. News

What are the top 7 trustworthy sites to read about Chelsea F.C. news? We are here to help you discover which site you should choose to learn more about Chelsea F.C. Keep scrolling to know the answer to your question!

Top 7 Trustworthy Sites to Read about Chelsea F.C. News

Top 7 Trustworthy Sites to Read about Chelsea F.C. News


ChelseaWiki was created to satiate the needs of Chelsea supporters everywhere. 

ChelseaWiki not only features articles about Chelsea’s current players but also many fascinating stories about Chelsea players in the past. You will learn about their background, playing style, statistics, and even more details about their family and partner, as well as other relevant news. You can’t ignore the other fascinating top lists of Chelsea players.

You can get up-to-date information on Chelsea games and leagues they are joining via Chelseawiki. ChelseaWiki’s essential components include the schedule, starting lineup, forecast, and outcomes of Chelsea matches.

For your curiosity and reference, Chelsea Wiki, a site that compiles news on Chelsea, also provides news regarding their stadium, ownership, comparisons, and competitors.


A Chelsea Football Club fan site is called They attempt to give you, the fans, exactly what you want and expect from a Chelsea fan website by providing all of their own unique content.

You may talk to other blues supporters in our forums about everything from the most recent Chelsea game to planning meet-ups before games.

To exchange opinions on everything blue, they intend to gather fans from all spheres of life throughout the globe.

The views and opinions presented here are those of Chelsea fans throughout the world and in no way reflect Chelsea Football Club.


High-quality news, opinions, and unique content about Chelsea FC are the focus of this website. This website also acts as a place where like-minded enthusiasts can gather to discuss their interests and catch up on the most recent news.

The admins of this site decided to take matters into their own hands and started Arrowhead Addict, which led to the development of FanSided in 2009, a network of over 300+ fan-powered, one-of-a-kind sports, entertainment, and lifestyle websites devoted to team-specific, sport-specific, genre-specific, and fanbase-specific coverage.

FanSided wants to hear from you whether you’re just starting out in online media or want to contribute as a hobby to your favorite website. 


The site was started in 2004. Its authors point out that it is set up similarly to a conventional blog, with entries and comments shown in reverse chronological order.

The homepage of the website features a display that rotates over the most current blog pieces, many of which discuss ideas and opinions regarding recent games as well as transfer rumors. By clicking the links in this graphic, readers can access the most recent headlines from the Chelsea FC community.

These articles typically feature lengthy discussions of how various Chelsea players performed, the author’s suggestions for how the team could be strengthened, and the game’s off-field ramifications. 


At the start of March 2009, a blog for Chelsea supporters was established. The initial focus of the blog was to simply write about everything I observed in the Chelsea community while wearing “Rose-Tinted” glasses.

CD has always supported Chelsea, both in the good times and the bad. 

The stadium has changed, and players and managers have come and gone, but one thing has remained. Our Blue Blood is that. Like the rest of you, they are and always will be Chelsea through and through.

The blog now averages 500,000 visitors per month after receiving over 16.4 million page views since it launched!

More than 19,000 people follow updates on Twitter, and there are currently over 5,000 Facebook fans.


TheChelseaBlog was just founded, following Chelsea has had many highs and lows, from the joy of the first game as a young fan to the hiring of Grant. It hasn’t always been the easiest job in the world, but we typically find that having an ironic and humorous sense of humor helps.

The blog is an assortment of articles about anything Chelsea that is frequently updated. 


Because the CSG is governed by an elected committee, it is impossible for one person to assume or assert an independent decision-making role. The committee members were chosen by CSG members to serve as their representatives, and should the membership choose, they can be removed from office at the annual general meeting (AGM). In the same vein, any member may run for committee election.

The CSG is there to act as a hub organization that any group, entity, or person may go to in order to have their voice heard. By joining the CSG, those individuals or groups who wish to have their opinions heard will be able to do so without worrying about facing individual “retribution” from the club.


Above is our recommendation of what we consider the top 7 trustworthy sites to read about Chelsea F.C. news. Pick from one of Chelsea’s most-read blog and start enjoying hot news everyday about your favorite team. 

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