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TVMuse – 100% Working Mirror Site And Best TVMuse Alternatives In 2022

TVMuse INACCESSIBLE. A piece of shocking news for all the users out there. With the site out of reach, a lot of movie and tv show buffs were left out to dry. But there is no need to panic.

Here is a list of best alternatives to the TVMuse website. Here you can find tons of movies and tv show options to choose and have loads of fun in your leisure time.

TVMuse Mirror Site – 100% Working

There are many mirror sites as well as proxy sites where you can find the content. Here is one of the trending mirror sites: You can access the content on this site in a jiffy.

If you are looking for some other alternatives that will make your life simpler, you can check out the information given below:

Top Alternatives for TVMuse website


SideReel is a very fancy looking website, but don’t judge on the looks because it is indeed absolutely free. From romantic comedies to melody and drama, every genre is covered on this website.

Just create an account, no payment is required, and you are ready to watch any movie or show. There are a number of shows and movies available on this website, and you can also keep track of what you like and what you don’t.

In this way, the suggestions that will be shown to you will be based totally on your interests and likes, and therefore you wouldn’t have to do much searching on what you want to watch next. Could this site be any better?

2. CMovies HD

Is it possible to make a list of websites where you can watch TV shows and movies and not include CMoviesHD? I think not, because this website is a gift, more like a boon for movie watchers.

Whether it be something romantic as Five Feet Apart or something funny as The Hangover, Cmovies have covered it all. Even Tv shows like The Vampire Diaries or the legendary shows Friends, everything is available to watch online or to download as well.

Though I must say, this website does have a bit much of ads, and that’s why it comes down to number three, but then again, it provides the best content of movies and shows and is totally worth it.

So next time when you don’t feel like calling it a night and instead want to watch something interesting, you can easily rely on Cmovies HD to provide you with entertainment.

3.Watch Episodes

Watch episodes website is again another fantastic website that provides great movies and shows content to the viewers. The show has a wide variety and range of films and Tv shows available to watch online or to download.

Moreover, this site is also absolutely free of cost. The website, just like the name says, focuses more on TV shows, and if you try this website out, you are not going to miss any fantastic Tv show.

However, this site has a lot of ads, which is not something that the viewers like. But then again, on the bright side, because of the variety and range, it is worth the ads.


Just like the name suggests, it is time to go for movies with Gomovies. This is yet another fantastic website that offers great movies and TV shows with a huge variety and is absolutely free.

There is no need to make an account or add any type of information on this website. Simply open the site and start streaming your favorite movies and TV shows without paying a single penny.

The option to download is also available on this website. However, the shows are arranged in alphabetical order and not according to your recent watch or search. This is a little demerit of the site. Otherwise, everything is fantastic, and you always have the search option to search for movies or TV shows according to your liking.

5. Pluto TV

Another great site to watch Tv shows and movies is Pluto TV. This site also has a vast number of popular shows and movies available and is on the track of gaining name and fame in this business.

However, this website requires you to provide VPN access before you start your journey of binge-watching, which is not really on the excellent site.

But other than that, everything about this site is excellent as it is totally worth it with the amount of amazing and entertaining movies available in it. Tv Shows are also available on this site but of particular channels like HBO, fox, and so on.

6. Movies Time

This website is telling you that it is movie time, so get on and watch some movies and shows. This site is one of the most marvelous ones as it has a huge number of movies and shows available in many languages.

Moreover, you can also have access to popular TV shows on it. The option to download is also available, and you do not need to sign in or create an account to use this website, and that means that this website is free to use.

However, the loading speed can bother you sometimes, but once a movie has started, then there is no issue with it. This site is also available as an app, and even the app is free of cost with the latest releases and contents.

7. is one of the best alternatives for TVMuse. This is because you can find almost any movie or TV show you are willing to watch. 

And the best part of this site is there is no need to make an account or add location or whatsoever. All you have to do is simply visit the website, search for your desired show or movie, and boom, you have got the results. 

With hundreds and thousands of different options to explore and watch numbers with no need of signing in is probably the reason this website has made its place in the long run.

This site is totally worth giving a try, and to try out this site visit the link given above and enjoy a number of movies and shows options.

8. Watch Series

The Watch Series is a fantastic website to keep yourself updated with movies, Tv shows as well as web series. There are a considerable number of options to watch with a vast range of genres available on this website, and everything is free.

This website is amazing for binge-watching or even downloading, as there are not many ads on this website. As mentioned already, everything is free, which means there is no need for you to add any information, and you can enjoy your favorite shows without paying money.

This website is a go for website whenever you feel like it is time to get on a new web series or show or a movie. With the amount of great content available on the Watch series website, it deserves a place in the top ten.

9. CouchTuner

This name totally says that it is time for you to get on the couch, turn on the device, and start the journey of entertainment. This website is really amazing with the movie and shows options available to watch for entertainment and is a great way to pass your time when you feel like there’s nothing to do, or simply when you want to take a break.

CouchTuner is absolutely free for users and proffers a diverse variety of TV shows and movies. You can easily find your favorite movies or TV show here. You do not need to sign up or create an account. However, you do have to go through ads, but that is bound to happen as this website is free.

10. Crackle

Even though Crackle is a website by the Sony corporation, it is completely free to use and is a really good option for movie watchers. The number of Tv shows and movies available are incredibly fascinating, and suggestions come up according to your interests, and navigation is very easy.

However, the only reason why this site is on the 10th position is that it can only be used in the United States. You need to have the VPN assess the United States to use this website, which is pretty much heartbreaking for non-US residents.

If you are someone in the US and want to try this site out, click on the above link.

11. Yidio

Yidio is another good option to watch series and TV shows and enjoy all that for free. You can stream online or download for free with the help of Yidio, and you don’t have to go through the problem of making profiles.

Though by the looks of it, you may not be intrigued by it, then again, don’t judge a book by its cover. The outlooks of this website are not very fashionable, but the series and shows options are amazing. After all, what is there in the looks when the content is great.

Though this site does not have any movies available, the content regarding series and shows is excellent.

12. Movie Ninja

Movie Ninja is another great option to watch movies and TV shows for free without having to sign up or anything, and the number of options is also huge.

Just like the name suggests, the app is a ninja in providing movies and other entertainment content. The website is fast in the delivery of content of entertainment, and the same goes for the searching capability of the website.

Moreover, it is a very user-friendly site and is an amazing website to use as the navigations are pretty easy, and suggestions come up according to your interests. The number of options available to watch is also huge, and all this for free. This just makes it more of a reason why it is a great website to use.

13. Yahoo TV

This website will make you go yahoo with the number of movies and Tv show options available for free. Though you might have to deal with ads on the bright side, the entertainment content is great. After all, no movie site offers great entertainment content without showing ads.

The offer of Yahoo TV is worth it with the free benefits of watching a number of shows and movies without having to face on screen ads, just the ads that come before playing the movie or shows. Overall, it is a great option to watch movies and shows and serve your own self with some entertainment anytime you want.

14. Series Top

Even the name of the website has top in it, so how can you not expect top-class content? This Series Top website provides one of the best entertaining contents regarding movies and Tv shows and is a great alternative for TVMuse.

Though the outlook of the website is not great, it is still an amazing option. A user may face a few navigation issues because the website redirects to other links when you choose or click on the option of watching a new movie or show. But other than that, everything about the website is great.

This website redirects you to other links to watch the show or movie and is free, and you also do not need to create any account. There are no on-screen ads, as well. However, you do have to bear with redirect links, but that is just a one-time thing as once the movie or show is played, you can watch it without any ad interruption.

15. Popcornflix

Popcornflix is an absolutely free website that offers great content of movies and TV shows and also series. From dramas to comedies, everything is legally available to watch for free.

The site also has a huge number of animation options available and will totally make you feel nostalgic and is also available in-app. Moreover, everything is available to download as well. Totally worth a try.

With a huge number of movies, shows, and animation options available, this app is a very amazing option to choose or opt!

16. Retrovision

If you are more into the classics, then retroversion is for you. Just like the name suggests, this website will give you a vision of the retro days and make you feel nostalgic.

From James Bond to Sherlock Holmes, every show is available to watch. Even cartoons like Popeye the sailor man (the theme song will be stuck in my head now) and many more are also available to watch, and everything is free.

This app is perfect for those who miss those golden days. Be ready to go on a nostalgic journey of their childhood.

17. Hotstar

You probably have heard this name. Hotstar is a widely used app. A number of movies and shows are available on the website, as well as on the app in many languages.

The website is free to use, though there is an option to buy a premium experience. There are on-screen ads on the website, but they play only once or twice.

Whether it be English, Hindi, or Korean, every language-related entertaining content is available on this website, and even the app is available to download

18. Internet archive

Internet archive is another amazing option to use for watching movies and TV shows. And this website is also free to use, and there is no need to create accounts.

The variety and range of options available are also marvelous. Though by the outlooks, you might not find this site very fascinating, once you start using the website, you will know that the website is amazing and has pretty good options available.

Even vintage TV shows and documentaries are also available to watch. In one way or another, this site will never fail to entertain you.

19. Tubi

Tubi is another great option for watching movies and TV shows without having to pay for anything. The content available on Tubi is yet amazing, with many genres and types available.

Moreover, without signing up, you can watch a lot of movies and shows. However, if you sign up, you can create your favorite list and keep track of your watch history and get suggestions according to your liking.

The website possesses a user-friendly interface which allows users to easily scroll through the latest movies. It also consists of a plethora of choices in movies and shows so that you always have something fascinating to watch.

20. CW TV 

CW network also lets you stream a lot of free content of entertainment on this website. From movies to Tv shows, CW TV has covered it all. From supernatural dramas to sad romantics, everything is there on this website.

The video quality is also outstanding, and the downloading option is also available. However, you need to pay for some of the entertainment content. Moreover, some of the free content is removed from the website after some time.

This website is worth a shot. With the free content and the huge variety, you must try this website out.

Final Verdict

In a nutshell, these alternatives will provide you with enough options so that you do not crave the old TVMuse site. SideReel tops the list with a strong back hold of vast armouries which are filled with a plethora of movies and tv shows. Watch Episodes and CMovies HD pave their way to the next two spots simultaneously. Both the sites have abundant movies and TV show options to offer for entertainment.

So, get through all the options and choose the one which best suits your requirements. Pop some popcorn and pour some chilled drinks and enjoy some fantastic movies or TV shows with your loved ones.


1.      Is TVMuse Really Down?

Yes, the TVMuse website is not accessible right now. Due to some unknown reason all the users can not reach out to the site to watch their favorite Tv shows and movies.

2.      What TVMuse Offers?

TVMuse provides lots of movies and TV shows options to watch for free. The site was very popular and trending until the site was taken down and currently is not accessible.

3.      What Actually Happened To The TVMuse Website?

TVMuse became inaccessible at the start of this year. The kosher reason behind it is still in the smog. 

There is a theory that the site was banned due to the piracy issue, but on the other hand, the official site says that the website was hacked and locked down.

4.      What About The Top 3 Alternatives To The TVMuse Website?

SideReel is one of the best working alternatives for TVMuse. The site has a plethora of options to offer. CMoviesHD and Watch Episodes are the other two best alternatives which provide massive content in different genres.

Working links of all the alternatives are provided in the guide so that you can easily reach any option which best suits your requirements.

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