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Pokémon Go Umbreon guide – how to evolve, counter, and use

Years before Pokémon Go, all the way back in Pokémon Gold and Silver, it was pretty hype to see the series change so much from Red and Blue, and the addition of ‘cool’ sounding types like dark and steel made me feel cool too, despite being 12. Game Freak also took the smart move of using an existing Pokémon and giving them a fantastic dark-type evolution, showing that this game isn’t for kids anymore.

Obviously, it was still a kid’s game, but I can’t tell you how enamoured I was after staying up late and evolving a faithful Eevee into the new, mysterious, and awesome Umbreon. The dark-type creature looks incredible, and the fact you had to evolve it at night only made it cooler. Well, if you want to add the best Eeveelution (backed up by our article entirely on how awesome Umbreon is) to your team, our Pokémon Go Umbreon guide is here to help.

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Let’s dive into our Pokemon Go Umbreon guide.

Pokémon Go Umbreon

Pokemon Go Umbreon: Key art shows the dark Pokemon Umbreon

What is Pokémon Go Umbreon?

Number 197 in the Pokedex, Umbreon is one of the many different evolutions of Eevee, and it originates from the Johto region in Pokémon Gold and Silver on the Gameboy. One of the very first dark Pokémon introduced, this new type helped to balance out the powerful psychic type. Known as the moonlight Pokémon, the cat-like Umbreon can only evolve from Eevee at night when exposed to moonlight, and when it trusts the trainer enough through friendship.

Pokemon Go Umbreon: Key art shows the dark Pokemon Umbreon

How do I evolve Eevee into Pokémon Go Umbreon?

There are two ways to evolve an Eevee into Umbreon, but one of them only works once. First, like all other Eevee evolutions, there’s a specific name you can call the Pokémon to choose to turn it into one of the many evolutions. For Umbreon, that name is Tamao, and once you evolve an Eevee this way, you have to use the second method for any subsequent evolutions.

The second way to evolve an Eevee into an Umbreon is to make the Eevee your buddy and then walk at least 10km, earning two candies for your effort. Then you get the chance to evolve Eevee, but to nab yourself an Umbreon you must evolve the Pokémon at night.

Pokemon Go Umbreon: Key art shows the dark Pokemon Umbreon

What are Pokémon Go Umbreon’s stats?

Umbreon’s stats  Result
Base attack 126
Base defence  240
Base stamina  216
Max CP – level 15  916
Max CP – level 20  1221
Max CP – level 30  1832
Max CP – level 40  2137
Base capture rate  12.5%
Base flee rate  5%


  • Fighting x2
  • Bug x2
  • Fairy x2



Pokemon Go Umbreon: Key art shows the dark Pokemon Umbreon

What are Pokémon Go Umbreon’s moves?

Quick move

  • Feint attack (dark)
  • Snarl (dark)

Charged move

  • Dark pulse (dark)
  • Foul play (dark)
  • Last resort (normal)
  • Psychic (psychic)

How do I use Pokémon Go Umbreon?

While it can be tempting to run an Umbreon with psychic for your charged move, you miss out on STAB damage, so outside of a few specific instances, it’s best to have your Umbreon use snarl and foul play, and treat it as a nuisance for ghost Pokémon and psychic Pokémon alike. Below is a list of Pokémon that Umbreon is effective against.

  • Gengar
  • Dusknoir
  • Slowking (galarian)
  • Victini
  • Hoopa (confined)
  • Lunala
  • Marowak (alolan)
  • Metagross
  • Jirachi

Pokemon Go Umbreon: Key art shows the dark Pokemon Umbreon

How do I counter Pokémon Go Umbreon?

As a pure dark-type, sadly there are quite a lot of good counters to Umbreon, especially from bug Pokémon and fighting Pokémon. Below is a list of Pokémon that are effective counters to Umbreon.

  • Lucario
  • Conkeldurr
  • Terrakion
  • Pheromosa
  • Volcarona
  • Blaziken
  • Zapdos (galarian)
  • Breloom
  • Heracross
  • Buzzwole

There we are folks, you’re no longer in the dark, thanks to our guide on the amazing evolution of Eevee known as Umbreon. If you love Pokémon Go and want even more great guides, be sure to check out our article covering Pokémon Go Deoxys next.

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