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10 Best Free Sites for School/College/Work


Music has become an intrinsic part of our lives. For many people across the world, not a single day passes by when they don’t listen to music. The ratio is slightly lopsided towards youngsters especially folks going to schools and colleges who love to stream their favourite music day in and day out. After all, music is the ultimate stress-buster in today’s age. Luckily, there are tons of unblocked music sites that can take care of your entertainment needs.

However, finding the best free unblocked music sites can be a tiresome endeavour. Many schools, colleges and workplaces have restricted access to entertainment websites, which implies you cannot listen to music whilst you are in your school or college network zone. Fret not, we have collated a list of some free music sites where you can listen to your favourite music, genre or band without paying a dime. Let’s get started.

10+ Best Free Unblocked Music Sites List in 2022

1) Jamendo

unblocked music sites

If you are looking for a gigantic repository of free music which caters to your favourite genres of music, Jamendo should definitely be on your radar. It is a collective of music lovers from around the world where you can download music for free with reckless abandon.

Wait there is more in the offing! If you are a budding musician then you can share your music with other users and quickly see a spike in your popularity. The best part is, Jamendo can be accessed at school, college or work for free without any blockage.

2) Slacker Radio

unblocked music sites

This website doesn’t need any introductions. Ever since its inception in 2007, Slacker has established itself as one of the best free unblocked music websites and apps for school, college and work. You can personalize hundreds of radio stations and create eclectic playlists replete with your favourite tracks and bands.

Slacker Radio is available for free on play store, app store, windows store. Better still, you can create new playlists based on your current mood and get unhindered access to millions of songs, and albums any time.

3) Soundzabound

unblocked music sites

If you want to download and stream royalty free music for educational purposes,  Soundzabound is one of the best unblocked music sites that makes easy work of royalties-related hassles. You do not need any license to download music from this website, simply scroll through your favourite tracks no matter whether you are at school, college, and work.

Not to mention, Soundzabound also lets you stream videos, albums, entire discographies and even create your own playlists. Better still, the website is completely legal and free to use so you don’t have to worry about it getting banned at your school or workplace.

4) Pandora Music

unblocked music sites

A U.S centric online radio station, Pandora allows users to create music stations as per  whim. Additionally, you can easily be a part of preset stations if they suit your music preferences.

Pandora comprises an array of free songs which have been licensed and easily searched by title, artist and album names. Perhaps the novelty factor for Pandora is its seamless UI that is pretty smooth and responsive for quick accessibility of songs via the nifty homepage search box.

5) SongArea

unblocked music sites

SongArea means serious business when it comes to accessing free music 24X7. You can instantly find and download trending and new songs on the website without any fuss. Interestingly, SongArea is not actually a music site by itself, it actually squares up as a proxy site that hosts songs and videos from a plethora of music sites on the internet to cater to the needs of the music lovers seeking free and affordable music.

To sum it up, SongArea allows users to access free music and proffers super-fast streaming speeds and excellent bandwidth.

6) Bluebeat

unblocked music sites

With an extensive library of free music, BlueBeat is another delight for music lovers of all hues. You can easily sift through tracks from almost any genre on this website as well as enjoy high-quality music. What’s more, BlueBeat works as social network for music lovers where you can instantly follow your friends or other’s user’s music playlists.

Concurrently, BlueBeat also lets you create a playlist per whim or search for trending songs on the homepage. What’s more, Bluebeat also doubles up as a great site for accessing a huge collection of 3D songs for free.

7) FreeZiki

unblocked music sites

Wanna enjoy unabashed hip hop and trap music at work, college or school without paying a dime? FreeZiki is a massively popular website boasting a rich database of songs, albums, and discographies. The interface is appealing to the eye as well as pretty smooth and responsive too for extended navigation.

Furthermore, if you also prefer listening to classic hip hop songs of yore, FreeZiki is a surefire no-brainer. You don’t even need to create an account on this website to enjoy streaming songs.

8) HulkShare

unblocked music sites

Without a doubt, one of the best unblocked music sites online if you are a student, HulkShare proffers free music downloads from its huge library of songs. Simply type-in your favourite song, album or artist name and instantly start enjoying abundant music.

The homepage is adorned with the week’s trending songs, as well as chart toppers so you are always abreast with the latest music. So, if you are a music enthusiast Hulkshare should definitely be one of your go-to platforms for streaming and downloading music for free.

9) Playlistsound

unblocked music sites

Touted by many as one of the best unblocked music sites at schools, colleges and workplaces, Playlistsound lets you stream all the latest music online. The GUI is as smooth and responsive as it comes and you can skim through artists, bands and songs by category.

The only downside is you will have to sign up on the site to stream free music for free. Nevertheless, Playlistsound remains a great discovery platform for finding new music online.

10) Grooveshark

unblocked music sites

Want to get free access to music from your school, college or workplace? Look no further than Groove Shark which provides unhindered and free access to personalized music albums, tracks and playlists. What’s more, you can snag new tracks, download upcoming albums and videos on this website with utmost aplomb.

Moreover, you can search and play your favourite songs with just a single click and even create multiple playlists too. Get on the groove!

And that’s a wrap! Did you like our list of the best unblocked music sites? Sound off in the comments.

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