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Understanding Automatic License Plate Recognition And The Advantages For Business

Understanding Automatic License Plate Recognition

In today’s modern world, cyber threats are lurking just about everywhere, while physical threats are frequently overlooked as they are deemed significantly less critical. But even so, it’s still crucial for businesses to prepare for physical threats, and a significant part of this is ensuring that the perimeter of business premises is secured. 

Technology has evolved beyond what most of us can fully comprehend. With this, technology now enables security solutions to develop to a point where there’s now a multitude of solutions available; each provides numerous innovative benefits to businesses. 

Automatic License Plate Recognition or ALPR is a new innovative technology that businesses can use to secure the perimeter and add substantial protection to the premises. 

But if you’ve been considering this unique solution and aren’t too sure what kinds of advantages you’ll be entering into, we’ve listed the most compelling benefits this tech solution has to offer your business. 

24/7 Premises Monitoring

24/7 Premises Monitoring

Most other car park barrier systems will only monitor the premises for a period. But with ALPR, the premises are monitored 24/7. Moreover, you’ll also enjoy access to monitoring with ALPR cameras. 

As a result, your business premises are monitored every second of the day, seven days a week; you’ll know who is entering and exiting the premises and receive accurate times for these events. 

Effortless And Efficient

Installing a heavy-duty gate and having multiple manual check systems for security is often an effective way to deter intruders. However, these methods are typically costly and time-consuming for businesses. 

Fortunately, automatic license plate recognition is both easy and efficient. People can enter and exit the premises without you or your security employees needing to do anything, and you’ll still know who’s coming in and out.


Automatic license plate recognition systems aren’t just easy and efficient; these systems are also significantly cost-effective for businesses. As a result, implementing this measure of security will help you reduce business expenses. 

When you choose this smart solution for your company, you’ll no longer need security personnel, nor will you need extensive security installations. 

Moreover, because many companies issue fines to anyone that’s not permitted on the premises, this security system could even bring money into your business. 

A Stand Alone Security Feature

A Stand Alone Security Feature

Most other automatic premise barriers operate with additional features. This is not the case with automatic license plate recognition systems. ALPR technology functions as a stand-alone system; there’s no need for other measures or installations with this innovative solution. 

Valid Evidence

Automatic license plate recognition also provides valid evidence similar to that generated by CCTV. The images and footage captured by this system can be used in investigations and even to solidify insurance claims for your business. 

Physical security installations are vital for all businesses. But with this, you’ll still need to use a commercial security system to monitor your business from the inside. ALPR systems will only monitor the exterior premises, so be sure to install a custom system to secure your premises inside as well. 

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