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Verizon begins selling Samsung’s rugged Galaxy Xcover 6 Pro

Verizon begins selling Samsung’s rugged Galaxy Xcover 6 Pro

While Apple is suddenly trying to make rugged smartwatches mainstream, joining efforts led for several years by the likes of Garmin, rugged smartphones are still a fairly rare sight at most major carriers and retailers around the world.

A good example is the 5G-enabled Galaxy XCover 6 Pro, unveiled in June with little to no availability information to its name and released commercially today for Verizon business customers at a list price of $599.99.

Of the few outdoor- and enterprise-friendly mobile devices that do occasionally make it to Verizon or AT&T in the U.S., for example, the most attractive options almost always come from Samsung.

That doesn’t exactly make this a bargain Android mid-ranger, but of course it’s not entirely fair to judge the incredibly rugged 6.6-inch handset by “traditional” mid-range standards.

Designed with “extreme” working conditions in mind above all else, this beefy guy doesn’t come with the world’s largest battery, but said 4,050mAh cell is easily removable and replaceable to keep up with the hardest workers in the most challenging environments.

While the XCover 6 Pro packs a decidedly non-flagship Snapdragon 778 processor, its resistance to not only water and dust, but hard falls, “severe” weather, and many “other hazards” is clearly unmatched by even the most advanced “mainstream” high-end phones out there.

Meanwhile, the dual camera system on the back is perhaps not great by modern standards (although it includes a respectable primary 50MP sensor), while the 6.6-inch screen, however, looks almost too good to be true (on paper) for a rugged device, as it not only has Full HD resolution, but also state-of-the-art 120Hz refresh rate technology.

All in all, this is probably the best rugged smartphone you can buy in the US right now, though you’ll have to do so exclusively by using Verizon’s business channel, at least for now. On the bright side, if you are a business or “organization” representative, you are currently eligible for a discount of up to $250 with a new line of service or upgrade to an existing line, which certainly takes some of the sting out of that previously mentioned $599.99 retail price.

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  • Verizon begins selling Samsung’s rugged Galaxy Xcover 6 Pro
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