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Vivaldi 5.4 for Android released with improved privacy stats

The Vivaldi for Android browser was updated by Vivaldi Technologies. A lot of changes are made in Vivaldi 5.4 for Android, including improved privacy statistics, a new ability to close other tabs, and a reorganised navigation. There is already a version of Vivaldi 5.4 for Android. The company’s website also offers direct downloads, however it is distributed through Google Play.

One of the main improvements of the new Vivaldi is the improved tracker and ad blocking dialog. Vivaldi includes native ad-blocking and tracker-blocking functionality; while it needs to be enabled by users, it is providing users of the browser with protection against many ads and tracking scripts. The change in version 5.4 comes in form of counters that reveal the number of ads and trackers that Vivaldi blocked. The entire dialog that Vivaldi displays is helpful. You may use it to quickly switch blocking for a specific site, and check tracker and ad details.

The company released the original Vivaldi for Android browser in 2019, and has worked on it ever since. Vivaldi for Android is a special browser that supports several features that distinguish it from other Android browsers. Take the tab bar for instance; have you seen another major Android browser with a tab bar? Vivaldi 5.4 introduces an option to close other tabs. Just activate tab controls on the Tabs page and you find the new option listed next to all the existing options, including closing all tabs, stacking tabs, or opening a new tab.

Vivaldi’s main menu, the one that you get when you activate the Vivaldi menu button, has been redesigned. The team used user feedback to restructure entries, and one of the changes is that it is easier now to bookmark a page in the browser. Last but not least, Vivaldi’s sync user interface has seen visual improvements in the release. Vivaldi 5.4 for Android may look like a smaller release, but it contains improvements that highlight the development team’s dedication to detail and getting things right.

Vivaldi 5.4 for Android with improved privacy stats launchesArticle NameVivaldi 5.4 for Android with improved privacy stats launches DescriptionVivaldi Technologies released a new version of its Vivaldi for Android browser, which includes improved privacy stats.
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  • Vivaldi 5.4 for Android released with improved privacy stats
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