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Top 20 Volokit Alternatives For Streaming Sports in 2022

Have you always wanted to have a community experience while watching sports online? Volokit is an online community where MLB, NBA, NFL, NHL, MMA, and boxing fans can interact with each other. 

Sometimes, though, the Volokit site may not be up and running.

Does that mean that you have no other alternatives to Volokit?

Worry not. In this post, we present to you the Top 20 Volokit Alternatives for streaming sports in 2022. 

Don’t have a lot of time to spare? Here are 5 alternatives to Volokit:

  • Strikeout – Must-visit streaming site for football and baseball lovers. 
  1. 6streams – Offers facility to rewatch sports games later too.
  2. VIPBox – Truly an interactive sports streaming experience with chat box feature.
  3. CricFree TV – A cricket fan’s paradise which covers matches held all across the world. 
  4. Buffstreams – Provides important sports news too along with free live streaming.

Volokit Official Website and Links

The interactive experience offered by Volokit is unmatched. The only issue that users might face while accessing Volokit is that there may be down time and links for certain sports may not work fine. In these circumstances, you can try any of the following links: 

Link 1

Link 2

Link 3

Link 4  

What is Volokit?


Volokit is a free sports streaming site that also acts as a community platform for its users and sports fans. The sports available on Volokit include all the popular sports like basketball, football, baseball, boxing, and a lot more.

Additionally, users can also get the latest information about various sports teams and the schedules for the games. The best part about Volokit is that it is a community platform too where only legal links can be found, making it a promising alternative to many other streaming platforms. 

How Can I Safely Use Volokit?

At the outset, it must be stated that Volokit is one site that is relatively safer to use because it does not post illegal streaming links. However, it cannot be denied that it is a free streaming site and there may be users who post some unverified links.

Further, some countries may block the URL due to their tough domestic laws. Thus, in order to protect yourself from unwanted viruses and malware and to protect your identity, using a VPN while using Volokit is suggested. 

A VPN creates an encrypted tunnel for the information that gets exchanged between you and the sites that you are trying to access. It hides your identity by masking your IP address. 

Which VPNs are best for Volokit?

The increasing popularity of free streaming sites has made the use of VPNs indispensable. No wonder the number of service providers offering VPN facilities is also increasing rapidly. Here, we bring to you the best VPN service providers which can be used for Volokit. 

  1. ExpressVPN – There is no doubt that ExpressVPN is ranked among the best all around the world. This is because it does its job of protecting your information and saving you from malware and viruses with absolute perfection.
  2. NordVPN – If speed is of supreme importance to you, then NordVPN is your best bet. Considered to be a good alternative to ExpressVPN, NordVPN is known for the high speed of the internet that comes along with the protection.

Top 20 Alternatives To Volokit – 100% Working (September 2022 Updated)

In this section, you can take a look at the best alternatives to Volokit. Without further ado, let’s get started. 



As the name suggests, NFLbite is a free streaming site for all NFL games. The superior quality of streams and the coverage of matches is its plus point. The negative aspect is that there is not much to look forward to apart from NFL and NBA games. 


Visit Site



At the early stage, Strikeout was catering mostly to baseball events. However, today it has excellent coverage of both baseball and football games. Being a free streaming site, users need to be careful of clicking on unknown links to save themselves from viruses and malwares. 


Visit Site



In the midst of all the free streaming sites that are mushrooming on the internet, 720pstream is one which is known for providing streaming links that actually work. Further, the content available on the platform is superb both in quality and quantity. The experience of streaming on this site is further enhanced by the chat features.


Visit Site 

Stream East  


Stream East is one of the best alternatives to Volokit. However, there is a major issue with Stream East which is that it is geo-restricted, meaning that it is not available in all locations. Apart from basketball and football, you will find some uncommon sports like handball too on Stream East. 


Visit Site



If you are someone who is interested in multiple sports and likes to stream all of them using one platform, then VIPBox is something that you must check out.

It is one of the few free streaming sites that covers the majority of sports like football, boxing, hockey, basketball, baseball and so on. 


Visit Site



Wiziwig is another popular alternative for people who look forward to watching games of multiple sports like soccer, baseball, boxing, hockey, etc. While some online sites imply that the Wiziwig website is shut down, we have found that it is up and running. The domain name must have been changed.


Visit Site



Today, most users prefer to stream content on their smartphones. Sportsurge is one site which has realized the importance of the world going mobile friendly. Thus, it claims to be the world’s first mobile sports streaming app that covers sports like NFL, NHL, NBA, boxing and MMA. Further, it is available in over 150 countries.


Visit Site 



The 6streams website is completely free to use for all the viewers. Mostly streaming basketball and boxing matches, it also features other games from time to time.

One of the interesting features of 6streams is that apart from live streaming, one can also rewatch games later. 


Visit Site

CricFree TV


A large part of the world is hooked on to the game of cricket and CricFree TV caters to this audience. CricFree TV provides cricket fans access to an exhaustive list of links to cricket games that are held across the world.


Visit Site 



While nothing can replace the experience of watching a football match at the stadium, it is a reality that it is not possible to do so every time. Enter wheresthematch mobile app which provides you up to date information about the various games and also the site where you can watch the game.

With its small size, it does not take up much space on your phone. A must have for football fans who do not want to miss any game.


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Sports lovers do not lead a unidimensional life. Once in a while, they may want to watch some light comedy movies too. To ensure that sports buffs do not have to go anywhere else for this, Crackstreams has coverage of movies too. The sports database on the site is updated on a daily basis too. Interestingly, Crackstreams has a Telegram channel to provide streaming links to their viewers. 


Visit Site

VIPRow Sports


This is considered a worthy alternative to Volokit. The free streaming site covers all major sports. However, due to its free nature, one needs to be wary of viruses. The saving grace is that one does not need to sign up on the website to access the features, making it relatively safe in terms of privacy.

In terms of the sports covered, you can watch the Premier League and all major sports. It also features tennis and ice hockey. 


Visit Site 



Stream2watch is one of those sites which started catering to the demand for free sports streaming online. Like Crackstreams, this platform too offers some entertainment content like MTV along with the major sports to ensure that the user is always hooked on to their site.

Again, since it is a free site, you will be bombarded with a lot of pop up ads which you have to bear with unless you have an ad blocker. 


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The number of free streaming platforms is also giving rise to the concept of sports streaming aggregator. ATDHE is one such aggregator which links you to other working sites where you can watch live sports. While it is banned in the US and the UK, it is working in the EU.

The most useful part of ATDHE is that it is a minimalistic sports streaming site, meaning that if you are someone who is only bothered about getting the link to the event that you are looking for, then ATDHE is what you should opt for as you will find it in a jiffy. 


Visit Site



The popularity of NBA games is unmatched. Hence, it makes sense for fans of the games to have a dedicated platform for streaming their favorite games to avoid the clutter.

Some people might get turned off by the fact that this site asks you to register for a free account and also requires you to enter your payment details. 


Visit Site



For those who are complete football buffs, Hesgoal is one site which is completely focused on football. On this website, you can get the latest updates about teams, players and the fixtures. Further, you can watch the games live too.


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Along with sports streaming, a lot of sports fans also look for news related to various sports. Buffstreams features such news on the website. The database with regards to sports events is also regularly updated on the platform.

Catering largely to the US audience, it features NFL Football, NBA Basketball, WWE and many other sports.


Visit Site



Similar to Hesgoal, Myp2p is also popular among football lovers. It covers other sports like basketball and baseball too.

Users have faced connectivity issues with myp2p but the developers have worked on the issue and at present it works just fine. The fundamental problem with the site is that it works on a peer to peer network, which is not the best technology available today when it comes to streaming sports. 


Visit Site



The quality of streams provided by VIPLeague is true to its name, thereby making it one of the best sports streaming platforms that covers a huge number of sports like European football, hockey, car racing, baseball, basketball and a lot more. 

In online streaming, the community factor is missing often. So if you have loved the community feature of Volokit, then VIPLeague is actually the best alternative for you because it has a chat box feature which allows viewers to interact with other sports fans.


Visit Site

Markky Streams


Markky streams is a popular sports streaming site which offers its services for free. The dampener is that it is advertiser friendly and hence one needs to ensure that a VPN is used at all times to avoid issues later. Also, while it covers a lot of sports, the database is not updated that regularly and hence many users find it lacking in that respect.


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Volokit – FAQs

Volokit is a community which acts as a bridge between the sports fans and the various sports events related information, including links to stream sports events. 

  • Is the Volokit site down?

Presently, the Volokit website is working just fine. If it has been blocked in your region, using a VPN may help. 

  • Is it safe to use Volokit?

Volokit community encourages only legal links to be shared. However, since it is a free site, using a VPN is recommended.

  • What are the alternatives to Volokit?

There are numerous alternatives to Volokit like Firstrowsports, Batman stream, and Hesgoal, among others. 

  • What is that one feature that makes Volokit stand out?

The fact that Volokit offers a community to the users is its USP. 

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