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Watch Black Bird with My Converters Apple TV Plus Downloader

Watch Black Bird with My Converters Apple TV Plus Downloader

Based on the 2010 autobiographical novel In with the Devil: a Fallen Hero, a Serial Killer, and a Dangerous Bargain for Redemption by James Keene and Hillel Levin, the American criminal drama limited series Black Bird was created by Dennis Lehane.

Here is all the basic information regarding the gripping drama Black Bird.

Basic Information about Black Bird

“Black Bird,” an engrossing drama about life in a maximum-security prison, stars Taron Egerton as an imprisoned heroin dealer who is forced to obtain a confession from his captor, Larry Hall (Paul Walter Hauser).

A true-crime biography by Jimmy himself and Hillel Levin is the basis for the series, which describes how Jimmy made a pact with the devil in order to minimize his own prison time and was written by Jimmy himself and Levin. He was obligated to verify Hall’s authenticity. Jimmy may be getting what he wants from Hall.


James “Jimmy” Keene was a bright young football talent who fell short of the expectations of the college game. He started a life of crime distributing drugs up until he was apprehended as part of Operation Snowplow, a larger undercover operation. He agreed to a plea deal that he thought would result in a sentence of five years, followed by a four-year parole period. But in addition to selling drugs, he was also accused of having many unlawfully held firearms. Because of this, he received a ten-year prison term without the possibility of release.

Federal authorities presented him with the chance to get his sentence shortened due to his naturally endearing nature and aptitude for speaking. This is the account of the perilous deal that was presented to him and what transpired thereafter.


As Jimmy Keene, Taron Egerton

Jimmy, a standout football player at Kankakee Eastridge High School, had a large social circle and a bright future. Unfortunately, it wasn’t enough for a major institution to sign him, and the once-promising football player instead turned into a successful drug dealer. Keene was arrested in 1996 on drug-related charges and given a ten-year to life term. Jimmy, the distinguished police chief’s son, tried to discover a means to get out of his lengthy sentence. Keene was offered two choices: he could serve out his sentence in the minimum security facility or he could be moved to a maximum security facility for criminally insane inmates and work undercover for the FBI. Once inside the run-down jail, Keene is given the task of getting Larry Hall, a suspected serial murderer, to confess while assisting authorities in locating the bodies of his victims. Keene will be allowed to go free if he can help them gather the evidence they need to find Hall guilty. Keene accepted the job because he wanted to lessen his lengthy sentence, but nothing could have prepared him for what he had to go through.

As Larry Hall, Paul Walter Hauser

Although only one woman’s body has so far been discovered in Black Bird, Larry Hall is suspected of killing 40 people. Hall adamantly maintains his innocence but admits to having dreams in which he murders women. Investigators worry that if the accused murderer is not found guilty of his murders, he will leave prison and carry out more killings despite the suspect’s insistence that they are merely dreams. Prior to his arrest, authorities discovered ropes, knives, chemicals, and masks in Hall’s tan van, which he used to pursue young ladies, frequently teens. Hall was a fervent war reenactment enthusiast.

As Brian Miller, Greg Kinnear

Brian Miller oversaw the investigation of alleged murderer Larry Hall as chief investigator for the Vermillion County Sheriff’s Office. Miller checks into reports from young girls who were followed and stalked by Hall in his tan van and looks into how the suspect’s involvement in war reenactments may link him to the scene of the deaths.

As Lauren McCauley, Sepideh Moafi

One of the FBI agents tasked with looking into the Hall murders was Lauren McCauley. She gives Keene the task of obtaining the confession she needs to keep the murderer in jail.

As Big Jim Keene, Ray Liotta

Jim desired for his son to live a better life with a family and a steady career. Instead, the esteemed police chief converses with his prodigal son through a prison visitation window’s glass.

Release Date

July 8, 2022

Streaming Service

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Final Thoughts

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