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What Is A Video Game Animation And How To Become A Game Animator?

A video game animation is creating computer-generated images of characters and scenes in a video game. Game animations are primarily created using 3D modeling, animation, and compositing software. Though game developers may provide original character designs or instructions for how the game is meant to look, video game animators take that visual direction and create scenes from different angles with their unique style. Video games often have large teams working on them, and getting credit for creating characters can go to just one person or be shared among many.

How to become a game animator?

Video game animators can create characters who move or fights in video games. To become a game animator, you have to have a desire, the video game animation is a fun job but requires hard work. You must be creative and good at drawing, building a 3D model, animation, and some additional skills like rigging, programming, etc. The following are some tips to help you get started:

1. Learn the software first

It is essential to learn the software used in the video game industry and start creating simple 3D models, animations, etc. Autodesk Maya, 3ds Max, Softimage XSI, and Adobe Flash are the most popular software. These are very easy to learn, and you can create beautiful work with them. With the knowledge of this software, you can easily enter into video game animation. Many game animators started their love for animation by creating flash animations on their own.

2. Learn the principles of animation

Animating a stick figure may sound easy but creating movements that don’t look awkward takes a lot of practice and guidance. Animation is a skill developed with practice, and you must learn the basic principles of animation to establish more realistic animations in video games. You can learn these basic principles from books or search the internet for good tutorials on animation basics.

3. Follow Youtube Tutorials

There are many excellent video game animation tutorials on Youtube. These free and shareable videos offer a lot of help for beginners in the video game animation world. You can learn from these videos because they teach and show you how to get started. If you’re looking for some professional advice or help with any specific software, look for a video tutorial or two and watch it regularly. The best part of these video clips is that they show you the right direction and thus help you to learn faster. For a beginner, many things will go against your instinct, and you must develop patience and the right attitude toward your work.

4. Join a community

There are many video game animation communities on the internet, and you can find your perfect place. When you actively participate in these communities, you will discover that the better your skills get, the more people you will be able to reach out to and help. Moreover, such communities help you develop your skills by critiquing your animations. By sharing experiences and helping one another, these communities can be a perfect place for artists. People will also appreciate your work, giving you a career kickstart.

5. Get the skill by interning

Many companies hire video game artists and animators if you have the skills and interest in video game animation. Many such animation outsourcing companies provide internship opportunities. They provide paid work experience. Through this, you can gain background and learn more about the software used in the video game industry. The company also provides a chance to get under the supervision of professionals who can guide you in pursuing your career path.

6. Apply for a Game College

For an aspiring game animator, gaining admission to a game college is the best thing to happen. These colleges offer the ability to make your dream come true. You will get an opportunity to learn more about computer animation and the software used in creating those animations. The course content of these colleges varies from one college to another, so you must choose the right one for yourself. At least attaining a Bachelor’s degree is highly recommended if you wish to pursue your career further in this field.

7. Join a Game Studios

Game studios are responsible for creating the game’s world and characters. They advertise the game, market it with trailers, and explain how their games work to fans. They also help ensure the entire game processes go smoothly by releasing bug fixes and updates. In many cases, they also use game animators to create animations of the game characters. This can boost your career because you can learn more about the animation of different characters and scenes in other games you create.

8. Practice with Recreation

If you want to be a game animator, you must practice. More is needed to know how the stuff works. You must work on your skills and capabilities to demonstrate them when given a chance. Just like any other skill, video game animation is also acquired through practice and only practice. The more you practice, the better you will be. You can become the ‘game animator’ of your dreams with little hard work and discipline.

9. Find a Mentor

You will always need a mentor who can guide you through your practice. This mentor must be someone who is experienced and someone who can provide guidance and support on the concepts of video game animation. If you are still in college, or some other post-secondary programs, find a mentor for your studies if you wish to pursue this career path. Once you have gained the skills from your ongoing studies, find another person suitable for mentoring.

10. Be Passionate

Nothing great is achieved with just hard work. If you want to be successful in your career, you must be passionate about it. You must love the work you are doing because you can only put out your best possible work. If that happens, then success will follow soon. When you start working on your passion, these things will happen naturally and without giving it much thought and consideration.


If you want to be a game animator, you can take advantage of the changes in technology and software used to make video games. You must have a good command over the art and animation-related software and understand how it is used. These skills can be developed by learning from many sources, and this article explores the top places where you can learn about these things. Game animation services software is a field where you can shine if you are a person who is dedicated, passionate, and disciplined. It is not an easy job, but if you are willing to make the necessary sacrifices, success will surely be yours.

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