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What Will the Graphics Look Like in the Games of the Future?

What Will the Graphics Look Like in the Games of the Future?

We all know that the graphics in games are getting better and better every year. We see the improvement and how much technology affects visual candy. But here’s the question: where will graphics begin to develop when our eyes will not be able to distinguish them from reality? players are looking forward to the incredible graphics of the future for greater gaming enjoyment.

Maximum frames per second

The most profitable option for graphics development is a banal increase in frame rate. People who say that 24 frames of the cinema standard are quite enough for the eye do not understand what they are talking about — even a banal increase from 30 frames to 60 changes the perception of the game radically. From 60 to 120 — even stronger. And so on — for the majority of the population, the maximum FPS will be somewhere around 200, and e-sportsmen will probably notice a difference of up to 300.

The path of development towards the number of FPS will quickly reach its limit, 200-300 is quite enough, but it will provide not so much development as strengthening. At the maximum graphics settings, the frame rate will not drop below 30 or even 60 FPS even on cheap machines with photorealism of the picture. Perhaps, in this case, we are waiting for new frame rate stabilization technologies. For example, intelligent calculation of the load on the video card a couple of seconds ahead; for example, through neural networks, it will know that there will be an explosion in the next scene of the game and will briefly increase the performance to the desired level.

This actually sounds more likely than it seems — if the video cards of the future will be able to transmit the load graph in the game novelties for analysis, the creation of the load map is essentially a matter of time. Even if, for example, the player aims at an explosive barrel, the video card will already start to work a little faster, preparing for active work.

Animation Is Generally All-Around

Animation of natural behavior and the unpredictability of characters and animals — the focus of graphics development in this direction will lead not only to an increase in the number of possible options but also to the quality side. Animations will be able to transition from one to another much more smoothly, without joints at all, motion capture will be seriously pumped, and devices for capturing will become cheaper and more accessible. It will happen sooner or later in any case, but with such a vector, development and price reduction will be many times faster.


Despite the flawless eye candy in a static or near-static image, crappy animations can pull a player out of engagement in a split second. Therefore, there will be a need for new animations. A banal increase in their variety should increase realism. Of course, there will be repetitions, but at a certain moment, the number of, say, reload animations will become so large that when we see the tenth possible animation out of ten possible ones. And then, we will already know how the first one looked. This case can be run on a cycle without harming the engagement.

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