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What’s Good About Ford Cars?

Ford has come a long way since it rolled out the industry-changing T-model in 1908. The Blue Oval has consistently climbed the ladder of automotive evolution and is today one of the largest automakers in the world. But what makes Ford so appealing to customers? Is it its brand image? The made-in-America sentiment? The cutting-edge technology? 

Let’s start by saying that if you own a Ford, you surely have great taste. However, like most vehicles, your Ford has specific maintenance needs. Indeed, without proper care, it will develop problems over time and cost you a lot more in repairs. Luckily, relying on a trusted Ford factory service manual will help you avoid this kind of scenario and allow you to enjoy your Ford as it was intended, a pretty darn good vehicle!

But why are Fords that good? Let’s discuss…

Innovation and Technology

Ford has over a century of experience and spends billions of dollars on research and development every year, massively stepping up its innovation game. The company also uses artificial intelligence and machine learning in its manufacturing process to detect production defects.

Apart from that, most modern Fords also rely on AI and ML-powered software and features. For instance, the Driver Assist package has automatic high beams, rain-sensing windshield wipers, blind spot monitoring, and a cross-traffic alert system. Another notable feature that showcases Ford’s technological prowess is its Enhanced Parking Assist using an array of sensors to help drivers park in tight spaces. 

Even in the safety department, Ford leaves no stones unturned in incorporating the latest features to reduce road mishaps. For instance, the Adaptive Cruise Control System with pedestrian detection, collision avoidance, and active braking significantly improves safety. 

In short, all of these technological developments play a huge role in propelling the popularity of Ford cars — that’s not something you’ll find on most entry-level models from its competitors either. At this price, Ford is pretty well equipped, to say the least.

Value for money

Ford is one of the manufacturers providing the most bang for your bucks. Its models are affordable, whether high-performance cars or comfortable SUVs. For instance, the Mustang costs a fraction of an equivalent German sports car.

In the SUV segment, the American giant has also worked its magic, offering feature-laden products at a reasonable price. Even the reputable Kelley Blue Book considers Ford to be selling the best SUV for under $25,000.

However, behind all that reasonable pricing, Ford cars still fall short in running costs. indeed, according to RepairPal, it has one of the highest annual repairing costs, even comparable to luxury brands such as BMW

On average, Ford owners spend around $775 on maintenance annually against $428 for Japanese giants like Toyota. For the same period, a Mustang would incur approximately $708, while the slower but equally fun Toyota 86 would only set you back about $288.

But this is where a Ford workshop manual will save the day. Indeed, it contains every troubleshooting chart, replacement procedure, maintenance schedule, and wiring diagram you’ll need to lower your maintenance budget. You can use it to perform repairs without visiting a mechanic, saving a ton on labor expenses. All you have to do is buy the parts.

Brand Sentiment and Build Quality

Brand Sentiment and Build Quality

Unsurprisingly, Ford is one of the toughest competitors in its domestic market. We are talking about the brand that made planes for the US government during the Second World War to topple the Third Reich. Furthermore, it was the first automaker to produce a car affordable enough to cater to the masses with the Model T. As a result, Americans have developed quite a patriotic sentiment towards the brand.

However, more surprisingly, Ford’s all-American tag also plays a significant role in increasing sales overseas. People want to live the American dream, and Ford’s products are as American as can be.

Still, its brand image wouldn’t have mattered much if Ford produced crappy products. The Blue Oval consistently develops sturdy vehicles and incorporates advanced safety features. As a result, models like the Ford F-150 and the Mustang are NHTSA favorites and always bag five-star safety ratings. 

Unfortunately, this doesn’t take away the fact that the Blue Oval still sits near the bottom of various reliability charts, only receiving a mere 3.5/5 rating from RepairPal. In comparison, Japanese giants such as Toyota and Honda get a perfect 5/5.

Hence, it is always advisable to conduct routine inspections using an official Ford repair manual. Inspect parts for symptoms of wear and tear, replace them before they harm other components, and drive up repair costs.

Not so sure where to find a repair manual for your Ford? Head over to eManualOnline — they have repair manuals for pretty much any Ford model since the Model T and for cheaper than a single oil change!

Last Words

These are several reasons why Ford cars are so sought-after; competitive pricing, latest features, sturdy build quality, durability, endurance, excellent performance, and brand value. 

But all of these pros will go to waste if you don’t have enough Ford repair information to take appropriate care of your ride. Without scheduled maintenance, it will become more of a burden than an asset. 

But if you regularly look after your Ford and take good care of it, you won’t regret buying it one bit — Ford vehicles are quite hard to beat in today’s market.

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