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WhatsApp Group Link | Join, Share, and Submit (September 2022)

Active Whatsapp Group Link

Whatsapp Group Link – Hello dear readers, How are you today? All fine. Today I am here with you an article on the WhatsApp group link. As we know, WhatsApp is the most popular messaging App around worldwide, and in India, everyone uses WhatsApp for fun and business purposes too.

I am looking for a Whatsapp Group and searching a lot but didn’t find any perfect one, some of them aren’t working, or dead Group is posted on Internet, so I decided to write an article on WhatsApp group link which one is active and updated regularly.

As we know we can’t join the WhatsApp group easily due to high demand or the Group is full or the Link is expired in that case it isn’t easy to join these groups on WhatsApp.

Life is not easy to live, and we have tension in everything like career tension, Job, Family, etc. To get out of this rid, we have to engage ourselves in a different way like meditation, Music, etc.

One of the most, In my opinion, you can join these Whatsapp groups to engage yourself. This Group has many sections like Jokes, Study, Students Zone, Job Information, etc.

Now I am going through the topic deeply to understand it wisely. Let’s get started.

The Trytechnical Team does not own these WhatsApp groups or engage in any illegal activities in them. We collect these Whatsapp group links that are mentioned on our sites from other open-access Internet sites or that have been provided to us by users. Our team makes it a point to be careful and the Trytechnical Team does not take any responsibility for the misuse of the information, whether now or in the future.

What is WhatsApp?

It is the most popular and significant social App that can use by us to send a message, photos, video, etc. with a single tap.

Whatsapp Group Link

The primary purpose of Developer are to interact with each other by typing message or chatting, and now we can do many things like chatting, voice call, video call, etc. due to upgrading these function in WhatsApp it becomes a more significant App in the current year.

Nowadays, everyone uses WhatsApp for sharing their emotions with family, friends, and colleagues with the help of emojis, videos, images, etc. These functions were improved by their developers to make them easy to use for users.

What is WhatsApp Group?

WhatsApp is updated regularly and added many features like Sent Money, WhatsApp Group, etc. let’s talk about WhatsApp Group, In the previous year Admin who made the Group has a lot of problems adding members to their Group, but a new update arrives problem has been solved, now member easily join their WhatsApp group via their Link called WhatsApp link.

Whatsapp Group Link
Whatsapp Group Links

As we know Facebook, we can easily create groups and send invites to friends and family they can easily join and share their messages, photos, and videos easily at a single click.

Helpful LInk:

Why do people make these groups? For their personal use? No. At present Day Humans are busy with their work, for a change in life or mood entertainment is an essential part of Life.

For a change, WhatsApp Group is the best way to refresh your mood. Using these groups, you can chat with friends and family, get new friends in the group, and share photos, videos, etc. in an instant (No waiting).

As we know, there is a way to do something just like that a WhatsApp group link is required to join or participate in an interested Group. An invite link of that Group is necessary for joining their respective Group, or you can share it on your Facebook page to invite public members.


Everyone is connected to any of the existing communities through these Whatsapp group links. People are connected through the WhatsApp group links, and they share information through the groups.

Nowadays, everyone is busy with their job and the other kinds of stuff in their own life and has no time to visit other people’s houses often. So, WhatsApp groups replace the gap among the people bypassing the time barrier or distance factors.

No one has enough time to search a lot on the Internet related to WhatsApp group searches. In this post, I am going through the latest 551+ WhatsApp groups, which have been founded (created) recently.

Follow the Steps Below:

  • First, you have to download Whatsapp via the google play store (you can download it from the google play store or open your mobile and look for the play store icon and touch it after this search for Whatsapp ).
  • If you didn’t get it click here to get WhatsApp on the play store.
  • After downloading WhatsApp open and register with your mobile number.
  • Now you are ready to create a WhatsApp group. You have to do is look for three dots at the right corner in that App and touch them after that there is an option for ” NEW GROUP ” touch it and proceed.
  • New options are available there, first, choose your contact at least one from your contact to create a WhatsApp group and proceed with the instructions.
  • Put a name for your Group and proceed, in that way you can create your WhatsApp group.

How To Make A Group On Whatsapp Video:

Follow the Steps Below:

  • Here, you can see the Invite Link options.
  • Touch that option and a new window opens here, and you can see the option ” COPY LINK.”
  • Touch it on that option and get your group link and share where you want.
WhatsApp group link
WhatsApp group link


Don’t worry about it; I am here to solve you all question. Follow the below simple steps after doing that you can get your answer to your question.

Whatsapp Group Link
Whatsapp Group Link
  • In the List I have provided, click on any group name you want to join.
  • After clicking on Link you have been redirected to a new window on your mobile phone or if it’s done in Pc, the same process you have to follow.
  • In a new window, you can see the two options ” CANCEL,” and the second one is “JOIN GROUP.”
  • Click on ” JOIN GROUP,” and that’s it. Now you are a member of that Group.
  • You can do the same process and join multiple groups in the same way.

Here you can get the massive number of WhatsApp group links cover all the topics, and I am going to give a direct link of these group, which helps you to join direct and in a secure way.

Every link and its topics are separated, so you can easily pick the topics and participate in that Whatsapp group.

Editors’ Recommendations:

I have collected hundreds of group links and which are separated into different categories. It’s your choice to join the groups, and there is no restriction. All available groups are right for you and 100% active if you didn’t enter a specific group leave it and join the other related to that group.

Let’s get started without wasting any time.

Whatsapp Groups Link Information: WhatsApp group links are one of the highest searched topics on the Internet today, as Whatsapp is one of the faster-growing social media platforms in this fast-moving era of technology.

Join Limit Unlimited
Number Of Active Groups All Active
Number Of Dead Groups No Dead Groups

Now you guys won’t have to search around for the WhatsApp group link, cause I have brought you some WhatsApp group link invitations.

Just go and click on the links you want to join, and only one click will join you on the WhatsApp group. I can understand that searching for the WhatsApp group invitation link is a hectic job and quite time-consuming.

So, I have tried to make ease of it for all of you.


Hello Dear Students, this is for you. All links are related to your’s niche like education, Jobs study is related only to students. In this group, you can see the same as you mean “STUDENT.”

Now I think you are interested in joining these Whatsapp groups to boost your knowledge and make friends related to your study.

Group List Link Modified On

September 11, 2022

PUBG WhatsApp Groups:

PUBG WhatsApp Groups
PUBG WhatsApp Groups

Everybody Knows What’s Trending In current Day “PUBG,” and Lots of people are playing, that’s why “PUBG WHATSAPP GROUPS” are created by many users.

In this group, you can join or participate in “PUBG TOURNAMENTS” and Win Paytm cash and other rewards. If you are that person, then you are in the right place. I have shared active PUBG groups for Whatsapp where you can play daily and win.

Join these active gaming groups and show your tallet here and it also helps you to boost your gaming performance.

Group List Link Modified On

September 11, 2022

Here you will get only the “PUBG WhatsApp Groups” link which helps in a quick join.

Whatsapp Groups for Fun:

Whatsapp Groups for Fun
Whatsapp Groups for Fun

We need fun to enjoy our life more carefree, without joy we can’t imagine what we can do? So below you will get the Funny WhatsApp group link. Join and enjoy.

Here you will get only the “Whatsapp Groups for Fun” link which helps in a quick join.

Group List Link Modified On

September 11, 2022

Kerala & Tamil Whatsapp Group
Kerala & Tamil Whatsapp Group

This group is mainly for South Indian Friends. In the below list, you can find south zone groups in your language, and it may help you to communicate with new people and friends.

Here you will get only the ” Kerala & Tamil Whatsapp Group” link which helps in a quick join.

Group List Link Modified On

September 11, 2022

Adult 18+ WhatsApp Groups:

Adult 18+ WhatsApp Groups
Adult 18+ WhatsApp Groups

Some people are searching for 18+ WhatsApp groups if you are one of them then you are in the right place. Here you can find many of them Adult WhatsApp groups. If you want to join them click on the below links.

Here you will get only the ” Adult 18+ WhatsApp Groups ” link which helps in a quick join.

Note: As we know all are smarter as the title shows it’s an adult group and contains 18+ content so think and decide yourself what to do or not. Only 18+ age is allowed there.

Group List Link Modified On

September 11, 2022

whatsapp group link

Whatsapp is used globally, you will not get any Indian WhatsApp group quickly but don’t worry I am here and I will share active groups in India which help you.

In this group, you can get the best content related to India, and Indian WhatsApp groups are active too. You will touch with kind and honest people.

Here you will get only the ” Indian Whatsapp Group ” link which helps in a quick join.

Group List Link Modified On

September 11, 2022

Tech, Andriod and Hacking Related Best Whatsapp Group Links
Tech, Andriod and Hacking Related Best Whatsapp Group Links

If you are a person who is interested in hacking and wants to learn it, this is the right place for you. I have collected the best active group for technology, hacking, SEO, etc. so what you are waiting for click on the below link and join them. I have added more to the 30+ hacking WhatsApp group.

Here you will get only the “Tech, Andriod and Hacking Related Best Whatsapp Group” link which helps in a quick join.

Group List Link Modified On

September 11, 2022

Tech Zone Tech Only
Social Media News Tech Hub
White Hat Hackers Black Hat Hackers Group
Digital Marking Group Android Tips & Tricks
Best Tech Group Bloggers Only
Geek Zone Techno Hub
Windows Tips & Trick Digital Arena India
YouTubers Only Learn Video Editing
Anonymous Hackers Pakistani Hackers Community
HACKERS Hacking Group
Hacker Community ® Hacking Tricks
Game Hackers Hackers Club
Cyber Security Android Hacking
Get Mod Apks Free Mobile Hacking
Hacking Experts Hackers Adda
Hackers Group Learn Blogging Free
Latest Tech News
Learn Hacking Course Hackers Unity
Loots, Affiliates and Offer Group Links
Loots, Affiliates, and Offer Group Links

But don’t worry I have collected many active groups related to Loots, and Affiliates, which help you to get info at the right time so you will buy.

Here you will get only the ” Loots, Affiliates and Offer Group ” link which helps in a quick join.

Group List Link Modified On

September 11, 2022

Song, Shayari, Jokes, and Best Movies Whatsapp Group Links
11Song, Shayari, Jokes, and Best Movies Whatsapp Group Links

everyone loves to watch movies, Funny videos, and listening Song, then you are at the right place to join them by clicking on the below WhatsApp group link.

These groups provide you with the latest Movies, songs, etc., and one more thing you can download via a link provided by the user.

Here you will get only the “Song, Shayari, Jokes, and Best Movies Whatsapp Group” link which helps in a quick join.

Group List Link Modified On

September 11, 2022

Miscellaneous A to Z All Whatsapp Group Link
Miscellaneous A to Z All Whatsapp Group Link

In the end, This is that section where you get the list of all types of the WhatsApp group link. I have collected various kinds of the different groups below. Here you will find different types of WhatsApp group links Example: News, Sports, Funny, Tech, Hacking, Affiliate, Movies, etc.

I know someone came here and say links are not working or not updated to working one so for that I am sorry. I tried a lot to get a WhatsApp group link, and all of them are working at the time of posting. many other websites have the collection, but I say that is better than any group you see on any site.

First thing after joining any group, First read the TERM and CONDITION of that group and then joined.

Group List Link Modified On

September 11, 2022

Submit Your own Whatsapp group in the above List:

If you have your own groups and you want to add your WhatsApp group link in the above list given then click the below link and submit.

After submitting the form, I will check the form and the provided link, and then I will add it to the above list on Trytechnical.

WhatsApp Group Rules:

  • Don’t spam in any WhatsApp group.
  • Don’t promote any link, video, content, etc.
  • Admin has access to revoke your access while doing any spam.

How to join our WhatsApp group?

Ans: Click the WhatsApp icon shown on our site, on clicking the icon, you will be redirected to our WhatsApp group invitation page.

Ans: Open WhatsApp, and click on the Group, which you want to share. Click on Group Name from the Top & Click on the Invite via Link button. Click on the Copy Link button, and share that group link. That’s it.

Ans: The answer is simple. The invitation link is expired or deleted by the group admin.

Final Word:

Just visit any of the listed Whatsapp group links and start joining. All these are the best Whatsapp group link collection, And guys also share this article with your friends and on social media.

Any valuable suggestion then comments below, and this will help me a lot to improve myself and share with your friends and family too.

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