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With A New service, Google Cloud Will Explore Realm Of Blockchain Nodes

With A New service, Google Cloud Will Explore Realm Of Blockchain Nodes

With the launch of a new solution called Blockchain Node Engine, tech giant Google is expanding its exposure to digital assets and blockchain technology. The company describes the solution as “a fully managed node-hosting for web3 development” in a statement. It will let developers to create and launch new products across a range of blockchain-based platforms.

Amit Zavery, the GM/VP of engineering and platform, and James Tromans, the director of Cloud Web3, jointly signed the statement, which read: “While self-managed nodes are frequently difficult to deploy and require constant management, Blockchain Node Engine is a fully managed node-hosting service that can minimise the need for node operations.”

The organisation said that “nodes on a blockchain constitute a peer-to-peer network, continually exchanging the newest blockchain data so that all nodes stay in sync.”

According to the announcement, “Web3 organisations who require dedicated nodes can relay transactions, deploy smart contracts, read or write blockchain data, and do so with the dependability, performance, and security they expect from Google Cloud computation and network infrastructure.”

The following advantages, according to the IT giant, will be offered to Web3 enterprises by Blockchain Node Engine:

According to the plan, Ethereum (ETH) will be the first blockchain that Blockchain Node Engine will support. Developers will be able to set up fully managed ETH nodes with secure blockchain access thanks to this. Google is anticipated to steadily expand the service’s range of blockchains.

Streamlined provisioning

By enabling developers to install a new node with a single operation and define the required location and network, Google Cloud’s Blockchain Node Engine can speed up and simplify the process of syncing a full node (mainnet, testnet).

Secure development By placing nodes behind a Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) firewall, Google’s Blockchain Node Engine enables developers to apply security parameters that can help prevent unauthorised access to the nodes.

Fully managed operations To guarantee consumers’ constant access to its Blockchain Node Engine, the company built it as a fully managed service. When there is an outage, Google Cloud actively monitors the nodes and restarts them. According to Google, the approach lessens users’ focus on maintaining digital infrastructure by eliminating the requirement for a dedicated DevOps staff and relying on Google Cloud’s service level agreement (SLA).

According to the statement, “We look forward to helping enterprises with a trustworthy, user-friendly blockchain node hosting solution so they can concentrate their efforts on developing and scaling their Web3 apps.”

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  • With A New service, Google Cloud Will Explore Realm Of Blockchain Nodes
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