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You’ll Forget AirPods Exist With These Awesome Wireless Earbuds

Anyone who listens to a lot of audio, whether it’s a podcast, a friend’s two-hour online DJ set, a meditation mantra, or a favorite album, knows that audio quality matters. We all pay special attention to the audio we put into our ears, and for good reason. Really not! That said, if you don’t like spending hundreds of dollars on tiny earbuds that are at least a little scary to lose, there’s a middle ground. Comes with a case. They sell for just $25.99 today. These tiny earbuds do a great job at a super low price. They use incredibly advanced noise reduction technology to reduce unwanted noise you may encounter when using them. A 2,000 mAh polymer lithium battery provides 5 hours of standby time. It’s full of true crime and comedy podcasts! Or you can connect the case to your phone as a backup power bank.

IPX4 waterproof rating means it’s suitable for sports. So, whether you’re going for a really hard sweaty jog or taking the train home, you don’t have to worry about ruining your new favorite gadget. You can also connect to a voice assistant, so you can enjoy hands-free calling. The Flux 7 TWS earbuds and wireless charging case normally retail for $99, but for a limited time, they’re available for just $25.99.

Place the earbuds back into the multifunctional charging case to automatically charge or connect the case for fast charging. Compatible with iOS and Android devices as long as your phone supports Bluetooth. You can also use it on your computer! Verified customer Bob R. gave it a 5-star rating, stating, “The Flux 7 TWS earbuds pair easily with my iMac and sound what you’d expect from decent earbuds for their size. It stays on and is easy to use.”

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  • You’ll Forget AirPods Exist With These Awesome Wireless Earbuds
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